Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure (2001) script

written by Bill Motz and Bob Roth; more movie
To this small, little not too big, little, homey
Nice, little, quaint little, always kindly
Old New England town
If youīre new to the place and feeling uneasy
Fret not a bit in this always friendly
Old New England town
To our family picnic
july Fourth picnic
Independence Day
Aunt Sarah! Will we see you at the picnic the day after tomorrow?
Of course! My precious kitties love the Fourth of july.
Whether next of kin or next-door neighbour
Happily we pool our labour to give our to win a new face
A nifty new look! 
A red, white and a blue look!
And when weīre done youīll never know the place
At our family picnic
july Fourth picnic
Thereīs a buzzing in the air
Children running everywhere
As all of us prepare
For that once-a-year wonderful day
And our spirits are so high
Feels like Christmas in july
As we pray the hours fly
To that star-spangled wonderful, wonderful
Wonderful day
We can hardly wait to bathe and dress up
We love picnics, we confess 
With Darling and with jim Dear
Weīve made a home from which weīll never roam
Why would we when weīre so contented here
In this fine, little not too
Big, little, cosy
Warm, little, swell, little
Always loving
Old New England home
In our small, little not too big, little, homey
Nice, little, quaint little, always friendly
Old New England town
All right, time for a bath! The waterīs hot.
Oh, excellent! I love getting a bath.
It makes my fur so silky smooth. 
Me first! No, me first! 
No, not you! Wait a minute!
Gah! I hate baths.
just the same, Scamp, when you live in a house, you need to be clean.
Well, then Iīm glad Iīm a wild dog.
Scamp, you know youīre not supposed to climb on the furniture.
Now, get down from there before you break something.
Hey, letīs do some dog stuff, huh, Pop?
You know, dig up bones...
rip up flowers, chase cats.
Scamp, come on now. Youīre gonna make a mess.
Got it! Dad!
Tramp? I hope youīre not making a mess in there.
All right, whirlwind. Time to settle down.
Why donīt you go play with junior?
Scamp play!
Look what you did to my favourite hat.
If Iīve told you once, Iīve told you a thousand times, no!
Letīs see if you can behave long enough for me to give you a bath.
Whoo-oo. Bad Scamp.
Scamp, stop squirming.
Bad Scamp. Bad, bad, bad Scamp.
Well, itīs about time you settled down.
There. All done. 
Play ball!
Hey, come back here!
Scamp, catch the ball.
Come back here now!
No, no, no, no, no, no!
Yea! Yea!
Scamp! Scamp, whee!
Whee! Play ball! 
Scamp! Oh, no.
What a mess. 
This time youīve gone too far. Youīve left me no choice.
Some dogs just have to learn the hard way.
May be chaining you up will teach you a lesson.
Iīm sorry, pal...
but I just donīt know what else to do.
Serves him right. 
Simply incorrigible.
He brought this on himself. 
Now weīll need another bath.
Me first! No, me first! 
You first! I mean, no, no, no--
Best thing jim Dear could have done for our boy, chaining him up.
Oh, Tramp, heīs never been chained up before.
Heīs just a pup.
He has to learn to live by the rules of the house.
Firm discipline moulds a pup into a dog.
You turned out pretty good. 
Yeah, Pidge, but I found you.
And if it werenīt for you, Iīd have wound up in the pound.
Iīm just trying to protect him.
Heīll understand some day.
May be he needs to understand today.
I thought you might be hungry.
Iīm sorry, pal. Youīre just gonna have to shape up a little, thatīs all.
I always get blamed for everything.
Sometimes itīs hard being part of a family.
You have to obey certain rules.
But I want to run wild and free like a real dog.
Son, the world out there is full of traps.
Here, you-you have a family that loves you.
As long as I do what you say.
Pop, I just donīt feel like I belong here.
Didnīt you ever feel this way?
I was just like you when I was your age.
You were never like me.
Youīve been a house dog all your life. How would you know?
Oh, youīd be surprised.
Scamp, Iīm only trying to protect you.
Like putting me on a chain? 
Those are the rules, son.
All I ever hear is, "Rules, rules, rules!"
"Donīt do this" and "Donīt do that!"
Well, what good are teeth and, and claws if you can never use them?
Stop that how ling! I canīt help it, Pop! Wild dogs how I at the moon!
There will be no wild dogs in this family!
Then may be I donīt want to be in this family!
Like it or not, you are a part of this family.
And until you start acting like it, you can just get used...
to being out here every night!
Hey, Angel! Huh?
Why donīt you come on out, īkay?
I canīt.
The pup is in chains. 
Come back, you mangy mutt!
Hold still so I can take you in all peaceable-like.
Hey! Whereīd you go?
Ah. What the--
Hey, drop that!
Defacing a county officerīs... Oh, come on now. Thatīs no fair.
Come on now. Hand it over, girl.
Hey! Oh, that--
Hey, drop that!
Hey, gotcha! itīs off to the pound with you, big fella. Huh?
Boy, when I get outta here, līm gonna do something fierce.
Iīm gonna get you--
You little mutt! Youīre gonna see what mad is!
Iīll get you yet, you hooligans!
Oh, come on!
Far from here is where I want to be
Somewhere out there loose and running
Nobodyīs leash to hold me Nobodyīs hugs to crush me
Nobodyīs soap and scratchy comb
To bathe and brush me
A world without fences
Where I can run free
And be with real dogs
Whoīll bring the real dog out in me
No walls and no boundaries
Where I can be free
A world without walls and fences
Thatīs exactly
Where I want to be
This pup just wonīt sleep his life away
On somes of a like his father
Too many bones to chewup Too many smells to sample
Too many fancy flower beds to rip and trample
No rules to control me
Stop what I want to be
A world without fences
Thatīs the world I want for me
No rules, no responsibility
On my own, completely free
A world without fences
For me
So long, you house dogs!
You canīt tell me what to do any more, īcause Iīm a wild dog.
Hey, you guys, wait for me!
Pretty good pickinīs, huh?
Hmm, I can see you know your way around an alley.
Itīs that obvious?
Couldnīt miss it if I tried.
This must be your diploma from the school of hard knocks.
Yeah. I, uh, just graduated.
Then you must know this move. Any street dog would.
Wow! Slick move. I mean, thatīs kid stuff.
Yeah, right.
Youīve got your own style, donīt you, tenderfoot?
Listen, you donīt belong on the street.
You wonīt last five minutes out here. Huh?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa! Whoa! Hey, you get out ofthe street!
Scamp? Oh, no.
Theyīre jumping on the sofa ...
and playing in the trash.
And, and breaking stuff!
If only there were hats to chew on.
Goodbye, chains! Hello, freedom!
Go, Buster!
That a way, Buster! Bust his butt off, Buster!
So, any of you other low life mongre ls...
think youīre dog enough to take Buster on?
Donīt be afraid!
Have no fear! Have no fear!
Thatīs right, boys, junkyard dogs rule this town!
And Buster rules the junkyard dogs!
Angel! Angel! Talk to me.
Whoīs the king of the junkyard ?
Oh, you are, Buster.
And itīs quite a kingdom youīve got here.
Thatīs my girl. 
Iīm not your girl.
I donīt belong to anyone.
Hey, hey. Look here, you guys. Iīd say we got a new recruit.
The little house dog. 
Hey, you got off the leash!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Watch it!
Oh, be still, my heart. Iīm gettinī a bad case of puppy love.
Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey, Ruby.
Iīm the top dog around here.
And nobody joins the junkyard dogs unless I say so.
So, whatīs your name, sport?
Nameīs Scamp.
Well, howdy, Scamperoo.
So, you saw us having some fun and thought youīd join right in, huh?
Yeah, sure. Hey, I hate to break the news to ya, champ...
but not many house dogs get to run in this pack.
Iīm not a house dog. 
Oh, youīre not?
Then whatīs this badge of respectability hanginī around your neck?
Hey, collar boy! 
Howīs life on the end of that chain?
No way! līve had it with the house dog life.
Nothing there but rules, rules, rules.
I want to be wild and free like you guys.
I donīt know, kid.
Your average house dog ainīt got what it takes.
Yeah, tell him what it takes, Buster! Tell him what it takes!
In junkyard society
Weīre repelled by all propriety
Humility and modesty
Good manners and sobriety
We always gulp our meat
Our coats are never neat
Alas, we lack all poise
Weīre full of natural noise
No pets you stroke and pat
You might as well be a cat
In junkyard
We are the mutual unelite
An underclass from our head to feet
Our deeds are spiteful our mischief pure
We got a natural disorder
For which thereīs no cure
Down to the junkyard
Straight to the junkyard
Step to the junkyard
Society rag
Thatīs where youīre nobodyīs perfumed pet
Where you can wet where you want to wet
Where you put charity on the shelf
The only one that youīll look out for
Is you yourself
Down in the junkyard
Check out the junkyard
Doinī the junkyard
Society rag
No distemper shots from the vet
Showyour temper 
Mean as you can get
Down at the yard where we live and let
Chaos and trouble Oh, we do it double
None of this play-it-safe house dog stuff
Our days are risky Our nights are "ruff"
The peaceful life leaves us ill at ease
Weīre crude and loud in a crowd and very proud of our fleas
Oh, I love this guy!
Down at the
Check out the junkyard
Step to the junkyard
Straight to the junkyard
Doinī the junkyard
Sing it, boy! 
What a blast! Iīd never get away with this at home.
So you really think you got what it takes to be a junkyard dog, huh?
Heīs got what it takes, Buster. I saw all his moves back in that alley.
Huh? Yeah, yeah. Watch this slick move.
Talented as you are, it ainīt that easy, sport.
Every day out here is like a test of survival.
A test! Beautiful! 
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Good!
Baby, I always get my best ideas when youīre around.
Thatīs why youīre my girl. 
Iīm not your girl.
Okay, Scampers, weīll give you a shot...
but you gotta pass a little test of courage in Reggieīs alley.
What? Reggieīs alley? But itīs never been done before.
Come here. Donīt listen to them. I got faith in you, kid.
Itīs just a little test to prove you could stand on your own four paws.
Easy. Iīm not afraid of anything.
Thatīs what I like about you, kid. You got spunk.
Did you call the pound? 
Yes, dear. They have nīt seen him.
Oh, Tramp. Scampīs never been out all night.
So much could happen. 
Hey, easy, Pidge.
Weīll find him before he gets himself in real trouble.
Oh, Miss Lady, maīam!
We came as soon as we heard .
Oh! Och! Och!
Unclejock! Uncle Trusty! Scamp ran away!
What they said! 
Not to worry, little ladies.
Got my grandpappy Olī Reliableīs...
keen sense of smell.
Say, have I ever told you girls...
about the time I saved your father from certain death?
Och! Here he goes again.
I told you, thereīll be no livinī with him.
That Scamp is going to get into so much trouble when he gets home.
Hmph! I donīt even want him back.
Yeah. Who cares? He should know better than to run off.
I bet he gets a slipper right across his great, big, fat, uh--
Uh, we really do miss him, Mom.
Weīll be back with your brother in no time.
Your old manīs got twice the speed and cunning as any dog half his age.
just using a few forgotten muscles, thatīs all.
Lady, Tramp, letīs go.
Come on. No tellinī what mischief that pupīs gettinī into.
All right, Scampster.
Fetch the can out of the alley.
See ya!
Itīs a spook! A spook! 
Itīs Reggie! Scatter!
Where, oh, where has my little dog--
We ll, Iīll be. Youīre not gettinī away this time.
I got you now, you little hoodlum.
Hey! Hey, now, get off of there! Whoa! What are you, mad?
You crazy-Aah!
Thatīll get ya hard time in the pound, fella--
attacking a deputy animal control officerīs vehicle.
And a fine modern machine like this one at that.
Two horsepower, three miles to the gallon, boy.
You saved my life. Nobody else here would have dared to do that.
Wow! Did you see that? 
Is it possible?
Scamp is a canine hurricane.
You did eve ryone a big favour, īkay?
Oui. You are practically the hero.
-Shouldnīt we go after him or something? -Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You got it all wrong, kid. In the junkyard , itīs every dog for himself.
I can see weīre gonna have to put you to another test.
Any-Anything you say, Buster.
Will somebody open this thing? 
Okay, okay, okay.
Is that open enough? 
Magnifique, Mooch.
Thatīs using your head. 
Thanks again, huh?
You, uh, cominī, tenderfoot?
I hit the thingy.
This is great. This is living.
I never get to do this at home. Whoo-hoo!
After I pass my next test, līm gonna be...
the best junkyard dog there ever was!
I donīt think so, doll. You may be good...
but youīll never be as good as the master.
Ah, here we go. 
Rubyīs right, carnsarnit.
In my day, there was only one stray by which all dogs was measured.
The Tramp. 
Huh? What?
He taught Buster everything there is to know about being on the streets, īkay?
Busterīs trouble was Trampīs trouble.
And Trampīs trouble was Busterīs trouble, īkay?
That dog was a prize, the one that got away.
Got away from me, at least. 
Got away with everything!
I heard he once stole an entire meat wagon, īkay?
Yeah, and then the dog catcher chased him all the way to the river.
No, sir. It was dog catchers.
Uh, how many? 
At least a dozen.
Hey! Two dozen.
Now that I think about it, the police and the army cavalry...
were after the boy as well.
He was trapped.
But if the Tramp was gonna go...
he was gonna go in style.
So what happened?
We never saw him again after that.
They say when the wind blows...
you can still hear the Tramp howl.
Wow! All right, all right.
That is not what happened.
He met this girl, see? Queen of a kennel club set.
Even her prissy little name...
still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
But he met his true love.
He betrayed me! You canīt have a family and still be a junkyard dog.
So I gave Tramp a choice. Itīs either me or her.
And he picked life on the end of a chain.
Hooked up with a real powder puff.
Sleepinī on carpets. Free room and board!
Livinī the cushy pillow life!
And thatīs when I learned the first rule about being a junkyard dog:
Busterīs trouble is Busterīs trouble.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
The Tramp used to scratch like that.
You ainīt re lated, are ya? 
Who, me? No way!
Good. īCause if you were, youīd be kibble.
Right, Buster.
No way, Dad. That canīt be true.
You gave it all up? I mean, what could be better than this?
You okay, tenderfoot? 
Who, me? Yeah. Yeah, sure.
What are you doing out here? Donīt you have a nice family back home?
Wh-Wh-What difference does it make? All families are alike.
They make you take baths and sleep in a bed...
and, and you have to eat everything in your bowl.
And when it rains, you have to come indoors.
Ah. Letīs just say youīre lucky youīve never had to live with a family.
Wrong again, tenderfoot. You mean, you had a family?
Actually, Iīve had five families.
I always thought one was too many. I could never get one to stick.
Someone would take me in, and just when līd start to think. ..
"Wow, this is my family"...
theyīd move or have a new baby...
or have an allergy.
Same old story, līm out on the street.
Wait a minute. You really want a family, donīt you?
But youīve got Buster. 
Buster! You canīt tell him. You canīt.
Heīll kick me out. 
Donīt worry. Your secretīs safe with me.
I promise. 
So, I guess youīre Busterīs girl, huh?
I am not Busterīs girl! I donīt belong to any body.
The junkyard dogs arenīt much of a family, but what choice do I have?
What more do you need? As a junkyard dog...
you can stay up late or dig or-Run.
Yeah. Or, or play or dig or-Run.
Right. Or chase squirre is-No! I mean, run!
Whoo! Come on!
Angel! Angel, help! Now would be a good time! Hurry!
Scamp? Scamp!
Scamp! Where are you?
Scamp? Scamp!
Excuse me. Iīm looking for--
I think līm on to somethinī.
Aye? Are you sure?
I have most assuredly got him! This way.
Come on, Pidge.
Oh, look! Scamp!
Oh, please.
Thank goodness.
A wig! Och, you smelled a wig, man!
Youīre hopeless. 
Iīm sorry, Miss Lady.
Come on. Weīve gotta keep searching.
I shouldnīt have been so hard on him.
Oh. Scamp?
Youīre all right. I was so worried--
So worried? 
Yeah, right.
Get over yourself, house pet.
Thereīs gotta be a better way to take a bath, huh?
Trust me, there is no good way to take a bath.
Wow! That is so weird . Howīd you do that?
Let me try.
Oh, that was smooth.
You really are a house dog. 
Oh, yeah?
Youīre weird. 
Uh, no, youīre the weird one.
Oh, yeah? 
Inever had this feeling before
She gives me shakes and shivers I canīt ignore
And I see that thereīs more now
Than just running free
I never felt my heart beat so fast
Iīm thinking of him first and of my self last
And how happy
I want him to be
Itīs amazing someone in my life
just might be loving me
I didnīt know that I could feel this way
Itīs so crazy Something in my life
Is better than a dream
I didnīt know that I could feel this way
She makes me warm and happy inside
He smiles, and I get dizzy and starry-eyed
All these feelings I have
Have me asking
Can this be love
Can this be love
Itīs crazy 
I can hardly speak
Whenever she 
Whenever he says hi
Ididnīt know that I could feel
I never dreamed that I could feel
I didnīt know that I could feel
This way
Whoa, nice neighbourhood. Snob Hill.
Hey, jim Dear never leaves this gate open.
Come on, Tramp. 
Oh, no! We gotta get outta here.
Why? Whatīs wrong?
Come on, boy. Weīve done all we can for one day.
Oh, weīll find him. You were the best street dog there ever was.
And I still have faith in the old Tramp.
Old Tramp? Hmph.
If only the old Tramp was still here.
Come on, Tramp! Weīll find Scamp tomorrow.
The Tramp is your father? 
I, um-Wait. No, wait!
Angel, wait!
Did you find him? 
May be tomorrow.
Scamp. Bad Scamp.
Gosh, I didnīt think theyīd miss me that much. 
You didnīt think theyīd miss you?
I canīt believe youīd run away from a home like this.
Well, you donīt know what it was like. 
No, I donīt.
Whoo, must have been horrible having someone care about you that much.
I need to be wild and free. Iīll never find that here.
Iīd give anything to have what you have.
And līd give anything to have what you have.
Come on, Scamp. We could run off together.
We donīt need them.
Angel, donīt you understand?
Only one more test, and Iīll finally be a junkyard dog.
Thatīs where I belong. 
No, you donīt belong there.
Youīre better than that, Scamp, and thatīs what I like about you.
Come on, tenderfoot. Letīs go.
I really think we should keep searching.
Oh, nonsense!itīs the Fourth of july. Time to have some fun.
You can continue your search after our picnic.
Aunt Sarah, weīre not really in the mood to celebrate.
Oh, come now. Scamp will be all right. Youīll find him.
But, first, letīs eat.
I wonīt have my Fourth of july ruined by that little Scamp.
There, there, boy.
I knew it.
Beautiful. Scampo! Front and centre.
Take a look out there. See that family?
You mean that family over there?
No, this family right here.
Now, as your final test, I want you to infiltrate their picnic...
and liberate their chicken...
right out from under the nose of that meek, little house dog.
You donīt have to prove anything, Scamp. just walk away.
Since when do you care so much? 
I thought you were better than this.
Pipe down, Angel cakes!
Come on, kid. You wanna be wild...
and free, donīt you?
All itīs gonna cost you is one juicy chicken.
Yeah, I shouldīve known. Once a house dog, always a house dog.
Iīm no house dog!
Scamp back!
Oh, my goodness! Oh!
Scamp! Monster!
Scamp back! Scamp back! 
Oh, my poor--
Scamp wanna play! 
Come back! Where him go? 
Itīs chow time, boys!
Aha! You--
You little mutt! I wonīt forget you!
Iīll lock you in the pound! I swear it!
Slick move. Lost him. 
Donīt bet on it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, slow down there, whirlwind.
Iīm not going home. You canīt make me. 
I know, I know. Easy.
I just wanna talk. So, um, how you doinī out here?
Itīs great, Dad. The junkyard dogs have taught me all the tricks.
I go wherever I want, do whatever I please. No chains, no fences--
No regard for someone elseīs lunch?
Thatīs how it is out here on the streets.
But then, you know all about that, donīt you?
You make the rules, Dad, but you didnīt have to follow them when you 
were my age.
Is that why you didnīt tell me you were a street dog?
I didnīt want that life for you because I found something better.
I found love. Oh, aw, ainīt that beautiful?
I think līm gettinī all misty-eyed here.
I see you havenīt changed a bit. 
So here we are again.
just like old times...
before you turned your back on everything...
that makes a dog a dog.
He says you walked out on him. 
After I met your mother...
I-l guess Buster just got jealous.
You ditched me! 
I feel in love!
You made your choice! Now itīs his turn to choose.
Come on, kid. 
You donīt know what heīs really like, son.
Youīre coming home. 
You hear that, kid? Daddyīs telling you what to do
You donīt belong here. 
And heīs leading you back to a life on the chain.
Iīm offerinī you freedom. 
Make your choice, kid. 
He doesnīt have a choice!
I know whatīs best for him!
No! You know whatīs best for you!
Well, līm not you, Dad! Iīm a junkyard dog!
Thatīs my boy.
I guess there are some things you have to learn on your own.
When youīve had enough, our door is always open.
House dog to the end. Whatīd I tell you, kid?
You canīt teach an old dog new tricks.
Hey, Scampski! This is for all youīve done, kid.
You did it, kid! Youīre at the top of the heap now! A junkyard dog!
Iīm-Iīm a junkyard dog.
You made it to the pack! Ha! 
Youīre a doll, doll face.
Iīm a junkyard dog!
How could you do that? 
Come on, Angel.
Heīs your father. Go after him. Youīre not like the rest of us.
Youīre good and decent, kind.
The streets will beat that out of you if you stay.
But I made it. This is everything that Iīve ever dreamed of.
Dreamed of what? This?
You have a home and a family that loves you.
Youīre not like the rest of us, Scamp. Oh, yeah, yeah, thatīs right.
Letīs see. Uh, uh, heīs good and decent and kind.
Is that it, Scampy?
You want to be a "widdle" house doggie? 
īCause you know how I feel about house dogs.
Hey, cut it out! Sheīs the one who wants to be a house dog, not me!
No! I didnīt mean that. Is that true, Angel baby?
I donīt think a familyīs so bad. 
You hear that, boys?
She wants to be a little house pet.
Oh, she wants to be a little house pet. 
Gonna wear ribbons. Gonna wear
You ainīt no junkyard dog. 
Thatīs right, Buster.
Iīm not. Not any more.
Oh, and, uh, līm not your girl.
Oh, thereīs going to be trouble.
May be you do belong here.
Oh, come on.Where is your sense of humour? 
Come on. We were just... We were goofinī!
Come on, Angel!
Aw, who needs her? Let her go find some snivelling, little family.
Thatīs where she belongs.
Angel! Angel?
I didnīt mean it, Angel. I donīt know what I was thinking.
Angel, where are you?
just as I suspected, out looking for Angel.
Beautiful. Time to settle an old score.
Hold it right there, ya scoundrel.
What the--
Well, līll be. Youīre not gettinī away this time.
Great. I got everything I ever wanted, and it stinks.
Come here, you little hooligan!
Huh? Buster!
Gotcha. Well, lookee here.
No collar. Itīs a one-way trip to the pound for you.
Oh, man, slick move-me without a collar.
How could I be so stupid?
Dad was right. Busterīs nothing but trouble.
I wish I was home.
Always there
To warm you in the winter
Always there
With shelter from the rain
Always there to catch you
When youīre falling
Always there
To stand you up again
By your side
In seconds if you ask it
Arms out wide
To welcome you to stay
Near enough
To listen to your heartīs song
Always there to help you
On your way
What is a family
Caring and de voted hearts
With endless love to share
Love that will follow you
Always there
To welcome you in winter 
What is a family
Arms out wide
To welcome you to stay 
Right by your side
Near enough
To listen to your heartīs song
Always there to help you on your way
Always there
Get outta here! Heīll get you too!
Thisīll hold ya, you crazy mutt.
Thought you could out foxme, huh? Well, thatīll be the day.
Hey, kid, looks like you got thrown in the wrong cell.
Hey, Reggie. Long time no see, huh?
Oh, I found you! You gotta come! Hurry! Scampīs in trouble!
Scamp. Uhh! 
Heīs in the pound.
Hold on, son!
Keep your paws off my boy!
Hey, paws off my pop!
Oh, yeah, heīs cashed in his bones. Heīs cashed.
Dad, you did it!
Slick move!
All right. We have to go now.
Aha! You! The one that got away.
Let go! Let go! Oh, no! Oh, have mercy! Ah, ha!
Oh, let-Oh, let go!
Arenīt the fireworks lovely tonight?
Angel! Angel! Whoa.
Come on, you two. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
What about me? Your old pal, right? Oh, come on!
After I stood by you se all through that fight? Hey, come back here!
What, are you walking away from me?
Iīm so sorry.
I shouldnīt have run away.
Whirlwind. May be I was also being a little too tough on you.
I donīt see any harm in the two of us goinī down to the river...
once in a while to bay at the moon.
What do you say? Really? You and me?
Your old manīs still got a few good how is left in him.
I found him.
Oh. Oh, I found him for sure this time!
I found him! 
Och, you found nothing! Again!
So far, youīve found six cats, three gophers, two rats-
Aw, go easy on
him, Uncle jock.
No, Iīll not go easy on him, Scamp! Five flyinī pigs, a wildebeest--
Och! Scamp?
Why, it is Scamp.
Aye. Iīll never hear the end of this one either.
Ready to go home, whirlwind? 
Not quite, Pop.
Thereīs one last thing I got to take care of.
Do mine eyes deceive me? Hey, Scamp!
Scamp a doodle! You escaped the pound!
Yeah, no thanks to you.
Hey, come on. You know our motto.
You can keep your motto...
but not this.
Iīm going home where I belong.
So long, Buster.
Hey, you missed, Scamp alooza! Huh?
Thatīs my boy. 
Letīs go home, Pop.
Hey, kid, come back here! You canīt leave me here! 
Youīre nothinī but a house pet!
Itīs a good look for you, Buster. The garbage adds some class.
Hey. Hey, someone wanna lend me a paw here?
I think a home sounds nice.
With lots of children and hugs and kisses.
If you dogs leave, youīre never cominī back.
Au revoir, Buster. It has been, as you say, "beautiful."
Dogs! You canīt leave me here! I was only kidding.
Busterīs trouble ainīt Busterīs trouble.
Come on! Busterīs trouble is everybodyīs trouble.
Whatīs all the commotion?
Hey, Scamp! Scamp come home! 
Heīs back!
Hey, Scamp, I love you!
Good job, boy.
Oh, Scamp. Itīs so good to have you back where you belong.
Ew. You reek!
You need a bath.
But weīll worry about that later.
Jim, dear, I think Scamp brought a friend home.
Hey there, girl. Come on. Come on, girl.
Itīs okay. Donīt be afraid.
Did you help our Scamp out on those lonely streets?
Oh! Sheīs a little angel. Angel! Angel!
jim, dear, you donīt suppose--
Oh, no, darling. Weīve got enough dogs as it is.
You know we canīt-No.
No. Uh-Uh, we canīt. I--
Oh, whatīs the use?
Welcome to the family, Angel. 
In our small, little not too big, little, homey
Nice, little, quaint, little always friendly
Old New England town
This is the night
Itīs a beautiful night
And we call it
Bella notte
Look at the skies
They have stars in their eyes
On this lovely
Bella notte
So take this love
Of your loved one
Youīll need it
About this time
To keep from fallinī
Like a star
When you make that dizzy climb
For this is the night
And the heavens are right
On this lovely
Bella notte
Ooh, ooh, yeah
This is the night
Such a beautiful night
And we call it
Bella notte
Look at the skies
So many stars in their eyes
What a lovely
Bella notte
Bella notte
Side by side
With your loved one
Youīll find enchantment
You know the 
Night will weave
Its magic spell
When the one you love
Is near
Oh, oh, oh
This is the night
And the heavens are right
On this lovely
Bella notte
This lovely

G H I. J K L