Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas (1997) script

written by Flip Kobler, Cindy Marcus, Bill Motz, Bob Roth; more movie
(Opens with the villagers walking along the bridge to the castle. 
It is the transformed castle and clearly takes place after 
Belle has broken the spell. They are all carrying torches and singing)
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la,
'Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la,
Don, we now our gay apparel,
Fa la la la la, la la la la, 
(the scene now shifts to inside the castle where Chip 
being chased by the do. He chases him to the ballroom 
where everyone is decorating the tree and room.)
Troll the ancient Yuletide carol.
Fa la la la la, la la la la,

Chip: Whoa (slides down the banister into the main room.)
Lumiere: (putting holly on the table)
Deck the halls with 
boughs of holly, 
Ha-ha, there must be much, much more holly!

Cogsworth: (Following Lumiere with the food) 
'Tis the season to be.....
Wha, what's this there's too much holly!
(Chips runs into him) Whoa! Slow down lad!

Angelique: (Decorating the tree)
Don we now our gay apparel.....
No, no, no more mistle toe!

Mrs. Potts:
Di, di, di, di, di, di, di, di....
Chip away from those presents dear!

Chip: Momma, I found one for me, Can I open it Momma, can I?
Mrs. Potts: Well, just one.
Chip: (rips into the package) Oh boy!
Lumiere: It's good to see the boy having a proper Christmas, not like last year.
Cogsworth: Yes, this is much more agreeable
Mrs. Potts: Well, I thought last year was quiet nice.

Cogsworth: Well, I suppose I did manage to save Christmas

Lumiere: You???

Cogsworth: Yes me. If not for my skills and decisive leader ship, all would have been lost.

Lumiere: Leadership? Ha! You could not lead a horse to water!

Cogsworth: What are you yammering about? It was all my idea.(Mrs. Potts sighs)

Lumiere: Your idea? Everyone knows it was mine!

Mrs. Potts: Heavens.. how many times are we going to have to go over this story?

Chip: (excitedly) Story?

Lumiere: Until someone gets his facts straight

Chip: Why don't you tell it Momma?

Cogsworth: Capitol idea.

Mrs. Potts: Well, I don't know...

Lumiere: Come on Mrs. Potts, surly you recall how I saved Christmas?

Cogsworth: Uh, Uh, Uh, ah, no leading the witness.

Chip: Please Momma tell the story!

Mrs. Potts: Oh, all right.

Lumiere: Now we will hear what really happened

Mrs. Potts: Well, lets see. Belle, terrified by the master's anger, 
ran away from the castle. Straight into a pack of wolves. But the 
master saved her. They began to be friends. (The scenery shifts and 
now we see the old castle. There is an empty room).

Lumiere: Uh, uh, ah. That's where I came in.....

(Lumiere, in his enchanted form slides into the picture)

Chip: Where could he be?

Mrs. Potts: Goodness knows, We've searches every last corner

Cogsworth: I am beginning to think that he's not in the castle at all.

Lumiere: (Looking out a window) Voila, there he is.

Mrs. Potts: Wonderful
Cogsworth: No time to waste. We must find a way to get them together.

Lumiere: Let's go, love will not wait.

Chip: Do you really think she is the one? Will she break the spell?

Lumiere: I knew it from the moment I set eyes on her

Mrs. Potts: If anyone can reach the master, Belle can, such a kind soul.

Lumiere: Her looks don't hurt either

Cogsworth: (following behind them as the rush down the hall to find Belle) 
Wait for me!

Chip: Hiya Belle.

Belle: (Enters walking up the stairs) Oh, hello. Do you know what 
day it is?

Chip: Well, its not Tuesday.

Belle: No silly, today is December 24. The day before Christmas

Lumiere: And what a beautiful day it is, what wonderful day for a 
morning stroll.

Mrs. Potts: Yes, yes, nothing starts the day like a brisk walk around 
the grounds.

Chip: Or you could go ice skating.

Cogsworth: Yes, fresh air, exercise, (hurts his back) in moderation of 

Mrs. Potts: Come along Belle dear, the great outdoors awaits.

Chip: Yeah lets go!

Belle: (The coat hanger hands her he coat) Merci, monsieur. (Belle sees 
the Beast pacing on the ice) Oh good morning.

Beast: (Looks up surprised and loses his balance) Huh? (Falls on the ice 
with a thud and growls.)

Belle: Oh dear. Are you all right. (Walks over to the Beast)

Beast: Oh, um.. I feel and landed on my, um (looks at his tail) the ice.

Belle: It's pretty slippery.

Beast: Yes, it's slippery.

Belle: This is a perfect day for skating. (Puts on her skates and heads 
out on to the ice) Come on. Come on!
Lumiere: Go on master. It might be fun.

Chip: Go for it. (The servants run to get a better vantage point)

Cogsworth: Wait, wait, not so fast.

Lumiere: Oh la la.

Belle: Come on. Why don't you try it like this. (Skates around) One, 
two, three, one, two three... see it's easy.

Beast: (Tries skating) One, two, three, one, two, three.

Lumiere: Oh, ho!

Mrs. Potts: Yes, I think this may work!

(Camera pulls back to a dark and torn up room filled with organ music. 
The music continues and the camera pulls back until we can finally see 
Forte, the evil organ.)

Fife: bravo, bravo, encore!

Forte: (Laughs evily) Fife.... you approve?

Fife: Oh, mistro, it's magnificent!

Forte: Oh, come along, it's merely and opera.... (Plays a few loud notes 
and the ceiling crumbles and begins to fall) to bring the house down.

Fife: Is there a part for a piccolo?

Forte: Absolutely. Solo for fife in "B" flat.

Fife: Oh, I'd do anything for a solo.

Forte: Yes, I know... Now Fifey in the midst of my crescendo, I thought 
I heard merriment outside the window. Have a look see will you?

Fife: (Hops over to the window) Wow, would ya look at that.

Forte: Well, I think I might. I'll just pick myself up and.. oh what's 
this... heavens look.. (yells) I'm bolted to the wall!

Fife: (Nervously) Oh, right.. uh ha ha, the master is skating.

Forte: Skating? Why on earth would he do a thing like that?

Fife: Probably because that pretty girl is holding his hand.

Forte: What? Belle?

Fife: Hey, maybe if she falls in love with him the spell will be broken 
and we'll be human again.

Forte: Trust me Fife, humanity is entirely over rated. Before the 
enchantment there was no need for my particular brand of genius. But 
now the master needs my melodies to feed his tormented soul. I am his 
confident and his best friend.. and I won't let some peasant girl ruin 
it for me. Fife, see to it that this blossoming love withers on the vine.

Fife: Yes mistro Forte. (Hops off)

(Back on the ice pond Belle and the Beast are still skating.)

Beast: One, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three, one, 
two, three... I think I've got it!

Belle: (Laughs with delight)

Fife: Uh, Uh Uh (Struggles as he hops up the bridge to where the 
servants and still watching) Hey, down in front, I wanna see. Lemme see. 
I wanna see too. (Lets out a loud shrilly whistle)

Servant: Shhhh

Fife: Oooo

Cogsworth: Ohhhh this is very promising.

Lumiere: Ah yes, there is something in the air. Could it be... love?

Fife: Love! Uh uh oh oh. I've got to stop them! (Nose dives down the 
ramp of the bridge into the water fountain)

Mrs. Potts: What's that little toot up to?

Fife: (Still flying around) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Sails over the skating 
Belle and Beast onto the ice.) Stop! (He grabs Belle's cloak, causing 
her and the Beast to fly out of control into the snow)

Beast: Whoa! (He and Belle land in the snow. He sits up and shakes off 
the snow)

Belle: (Sits up and shakes off the snow. She flops over and makes a 
snow angel. She then stands up and walks back onto the ice) It's a 
Christmas angel, see? (Sees the Beast's snow figure) Oh.

Beast: (Stands up and looks at Belle's snow figure next to his own.) 
This is no angel, it's the shadow of a monster! (He runs into the snow messing it up and destroying the images. Then he stomps back into the castle)

Fife: (Smiles contentedly) Oh, Forte is going to be so proud of me.

Belle: I don't know why I bother. (Flops back over into the snow) Now 
he's worse than ever.

Mrs. Potts: Don't lose heart dearest.

(The Beast is in his lair pacing around the rose as he listens to Forte's 

Beast: I hate Christmas. (He enters Forte's room)

Forte: The music helps?

Beast: Your music is the only thing that helps me forget.

Forte: Don't worry old friend. I'm here for you, just as I have been, 
just as I always will be.

(Belle and Chip are walking through the halls)

Belle: Why is the Beast such a grump?

Chip: I don't know. He's always like that.

Belle: Even at Christmas? (They enter the study)

Chip: Yup. Belle, what's Christmas?

Belle: Oh Chip, you must know about Christmas. Stockings in front of 
a fire, Tree? Tinsel? Present?
Chip: Presents? Do I get one?

Belle: Of Course, everyone gets a present on Christmas.

Chip: Oh, even the master?

Belle: Yes, even the master.

Chip: What are you going to get him?

Belle: I don't really know him well enough to know what he would want.

Chip: What would you want?

Belle: Well, what I love most in the world are my books. My stories.

Chip: Well, why don't you give the master a story.

Belle: You're right chip... a story.

Belle:When I get to know him,
We'll find more things to say,
One day I will reach him, 
there has to be a way. 

Everyone needs some one, 
He must need someone, too. 
When I get to know him better, 
Here's what I will do. 

I'll read him stories
From picture books all
Filled with wonder.
Magic world where
The impossible
Becomes the everyday.

We'll find a mountain top
And some moonbeams
To sit under.
I'll lead because I know the way.

So much to discover,
I do it all the time.
I could live inside bright pages, Where the words all rhyme.

We will the slay dragons,
That still follow him around.
And he'll smile, yes, he'll smile,
As his dreams leave the ground.

Stories, and stories
'Bout mermaids, kings,
And sunken treasure,
Magic worlds where this impossible
Becomes the everyday,

I know a tiny place,
Just a dot, too small to measure,
I'll take him there, 
I know the way.

Stories 'bout heroes
Who overcame their deepest sorrow,
They'll put hope into his heart again,
He'll cherish everyday.

He'll find a better world
And the strength to face tomorrow,
I'm sure that when he know the way,
He'll want to stay.

Chip: Do you think the master will like his gift?

Belle: I do.

Chip: So does this mean we're gonna have a Christmas?

Belle: Uh huh, absolutely

(In the Kitchen)

Cogsworth: Absolutely not!

Wine Glasses: Why not?

Cogsworth: Out of the question. Not a chance. Dream on. Not any 
possibility, forget it! (The Cup slumps over) Suck in that gut.

Lumiere: Mon amie, get with the spirit. Unwind.

Mrs. Potts: Come one love, have a heart.

Wine Glasses: Yeah, come on.

Cogsworth: No, no and let me think... NO! This is where I put my 
foot down. The master has forbidden Christmas.

Belle: Forbid Christmas? No one can forbid Christmas. (Fife pops his 
head around the corner to eavesdrop)

Cogsworth: He doesn't wish to be reminded of his past, and Christmas 
is a most painful reminder of it. I, for one do not wish to torture him.

Belle: I, for one think that a little Christmas cheer would do him 
for good.

Lumiere: The girl is right. It is up to us to do something.

Cogsworth: It's not our place to get involved. No, no, no, no. We 
just can't mind our own business can we? We just have to stick our 
weight where it doesn't belong. (Lumiere flames him) AHHHHHHHHH!!! 
(Cogsworth goes flying and lands in the rub full of suds. The wine 
glasses all laugh) Uh... humiliating.

Mrs. Potts: Pish paush. I think it's a wonderful idea.

Cogsworth: But the master doesn't want it. His castle... his rules.

Chip: It's not fair!

Wine Glasses: (Whining) He's right... it's not fair!

Cogsworth: Don't whine glasses.

Wine Glasses: (Whining) Sorry.

Mrs. Potts: Look at us, squabbling and bickering, breaks my heart 
to see it, it does. And we used to be at our very best at Christmas. 
Why we used to prepare a feast for the entire castle.

Lumiere: Ah, you could have some stuffed turkey...

Belle: Cranberry sauce...

Chip: Short-bread cookies!

Lumiere: Mince pies...

Mrs. Potts: Pecan toast, gravy..

Lumiere: And Christmas pudding!

Cogsworth: Pu-pu-pudding? With custard?

Lumiere: What do you think we are? Barbarians? Of course with custard? 
And raisins... and brandy... and all those things you like!

Cogsworth:, all right.

Chip: Yes!

Cogsworth: But if the master finds out about this he will be furious, 
so everybody keep quiet.

Lumiere: Come on! What are we waiting for? Christmas?

Cogsworth: Good heavens! We don't have much time! It's Christmas eve!

Mrs. Potts: I'll see to the dinner.

Lumiere: I'll get some mistletoe.

Belle: We need to brighten this place up.

Lumiere: Belle, I know someone who will help.

Cogsworth: Now, now, wait for me. I'm in charge here, I'm in charge. 
(They all head off) Wait for me!!

(Climbing the castle stairs)

Chip: One thousand one, One thousand two, one thousand three... are 
we there yet?

Belle: Not yet.

Chip: Boy there sure are a lot of stairs here! One thousand seven, 
one thousand eight, one thousand nine. (Fife follows the up the stairs)

Belle: (Walking around in the attic) Hello? Hello?

Lumiere: Do not be afraid mis ami, it is I, Lumiere, who has come 
to pay you a little visit.
Angelique: (Pops her head out of the trunk) Lumiere?

Lumiere: Angelique.

Angelique: Ah, Lumiere, finally, I thought we were to be locked away 
in this dusty attic forever.

Lumiere: Ah, Angelique, mon amour, you eyes are still so lovely after 
all these years.

Angelique: Lumiere, please, you'll tarnish the halo. (Belle clear her 

Lumiere: Oh yes, this is Belle, our guest.

Belle: Pleased to meet you.

Lumiere: And this is Angelique. She is the castle decorator.

Angelique: You mean was the castle decorator. I am not responsible for 
this baroque atrocity. When I was in charge the castle was full of light 
and beauty.

Lumiere: Ah but cherie, that is why we have come. Gather round mes 
enfants, we are planning the greatest Christmas celebration ever!

Ornaments: Yey!!! (Fife is watching)

Angelique: No! Stop!

Lumiere: What is it cherie?

Angelique: Why do you raise my hopes? I mean, um, their hopes. Only to 
have them dashed? Well, no more. (All the Ornaments turn away in disappointment)

Belle: But it's Christmas eve, without you, we'll never get the castle 
decorated in time.

Angelique: Ha! Christmas! I refuse to hope for it anymore. I will not 
be disappointed again.

Lumiere: But this is to be the greatest celebration ever! We can not do 
it without you.

Angelique: But of course you can not. Christmas takes planning and 
organization. No! No! I won't do it! It won't change anything!

Belle: I believe it will.

There is more to this time of year
Than sleigh bells and holly
Mistletoe and snow
Those things come and go
Much deeper than snow
Stronger than the strongest love we'll know
We'll ever know

(The Ornaments follow Belle into the ball room and begin decorating)

As long as there's Christmas I truly believe
That hope is the greatest of the gifts we'll receive
As long as there's Christmas we'll all be just fine
A star shines above us lighting your
Way and mine

Just as long as there's Christmas
There will be Christmas pud
Tons of turkey...

Mrs. Potts:
And cranb'ry sauce
And mince pies if we're good

Loads of logs on the fire

The Ornaments:
Lots of gifts on the tree
All wrapped up in red ribbons...

Wonder if there's one for me

We are due for a party
Where on earth do we start?

I may wear my tiara
You bought me in Monmartre

All the silver will sparkle

Mrs. Potts:
And the china will gleam

And we'll all be shiny
As a brand-new centime

After dinner we'll play games

Mrs. Potts:
'Till the morning breaks through

Then we'll meet in the garden
This is what we shall do

We will build us a snowman
That will reach up to the sky

It will stay up until July

Angelique: Spoken What are you doing? Stop, stop. Put me down! Put me down! (The Ornaments hoist her to the top of the 'tree') Uh, this is ridiculous, everyone knows that the lights go on first. I don't want to go all the way up there on the top.

As long as there's Christmas I truly believe
That hope is the greatest of the gifts we'll receive

As long as our guiding star shines above

As long as there's Christmas we'll all be just fine

There'll always be Christmas

So there always will be a time
When the world is filled with peace and love

Chip: We're going to have the greatest Christmas ever!

Belle: Oh, I hope so Chip.

Lumiere: (The huge ornament tree falls down and they begin to scurry 
about to get to work.) You, on the left, you on the right, follow me. 
There is decorating to be done!

Cogsworth: Yes, yes, but keep in mind. The master mustn't find out!

Fife: (Still listening in) Ohhhhhh Yes! (Rushes off to tell Forte)

(In Forte's room)

Beast: Christmas!?!!? She's planning Christmas????

Forte: Yes, awful isn't it.

Beast: Perhaps she doesn't know how I feel about Christmas.

Forte: But she does know. She just doesn't care.... like I do. She's 
actually trying to bring Christmas back to the castle... and you know how much we despise Christmas.

Beast: The day my life ended...

Young Prince: (Flash back to the castle before the transformation.) 
Bring me my presents!

Lumiere: Your highness please accept this humble gift as a token of 
our appreciation, I know I speak for everyone when..

Prince: Oh, just give it to me. A storybook? You call this a present... 
I hope you have something better for me Forte.

Forte: Yes, sir. Of course master (Plays a gloomy piece)

Prince: What's that?

Forte: A small piece in your honor sir.

Prince: Ug, I hate it. Forte, that stuff is gloomy. (A knock is heard) 
Who disturbs my Christmas?

Hag: Please take this rose in exchange for shelter from the bitter cold.

Prince: I don't need a rose. Go away, you wretched old hag.

Enchantress: (The transformed hag) You have been deceived by your own 
cold heart. A curse upon your house and all within it. Until you have one to love you as you are... you shall remain for ever.. a beast.
Forte: (Back in present time) But we have come so far since then... we 
have risen above the tragedy.

Beast: (Angered) Where is she?

Forte: I believe she's gone to the boiler room.... or so a little birdie 
told me.

Fife: He-he. Tweet, tweet, tweet.

(In the boiler room)

Axe: Dive! (Chopping wood)

Oil bucket: Hey, come get out of the way, watch it here.

Belle: Oh, excuse me. (Jumps out of the way)

Axe: All right you guys, now get back to work. The castle doesn't heat 
itself you know! Oy. So, what can I do you for lady?

Belle: I'm looking for a log.

Axe: All right. Logs we got. We've got hard work, soft wood, we got 
it all, birch, maple, pine, oak, oy! Concrete, my head, don't worry 
it'll pass. So make up your mind already!

Belle: It is all right if I just browse.

Axe: Suit yourself, take your time. Me I got work to do. (Belle examines 
a log. The boiler begins to overload and everyone stands back to watch 
it. It lets out steam and cools off.) Hey, what am I paying you for? 
Being boring? Do that on your own time. Get out of here.

Belle: Yes! (Finds a good log. The Beast storms in and she hides it 
behind her back)

Beast: What are you hiding. (Swoops and around and grabs her log)

Belle: It's a Yule log.

Beast: Huh?

Belle: A Yule log. It's a wonderful tradition. One log is chosen and 
then everyone in the house touches it and makes a Christmas wish.

Beast: Wishes are stupid. You made a Christmas wish last year, is this 
what you wished for?

Belle: No, but I'll wishing.. and when the log is burned on Christmas 

Beast: There will be no Christmas.

Belle: But..

Beast: NO! I am the master here.

Belle: How can you be so selfish?

Beast: You can not possibly understand.. you have no idea what it's 
like to lose everything, to be trapped in your own castle to be a..a...

Belle: A prisoner? The only one holding us prisoner here is you. Well, 
I'm not giving up (Leaves)

(Back in Belle's room)

Chip: Hiya Belle. You should see the ballroom. It's all decorated and 
pretty and there's garlands everywhere! I think the master's gonna be 
really excited when he finds out about Christmas.

Belle: Well, he... he already knows.

Chip: Really? Was he excited?

Belle: Actually Chip, he's forbidden it.

Chip: But I thought he couldn't forbid Christmas.

Belle: You know Chip... he can't! We'll have Christmas with or 
without him.

Chip: Hooray! Can we get a tree now Belle, it's the only thing we're 

Belle: All right then. Let's go get a tree. First, shh.... (sneaks to 
the Beast's lair and puts his present by the rose)

Chip: Psst.. Belle, the master. Hurry! (The Beast enters as Belle 
sneaks out)

(In front of the castle, out on the grounds)

Chip: He-he-he

Belle: What about this one. (Looks at a scrawny tree)

Chip: Umm...naah.. too skinny. Come on.

(Beast is watching Belle out the window)

Lumiere: Oh la la.

Beast: Lumiere...

Lumiere: She is beautiful no?

Beast: Yes and I'm hideous.

Lumiere: (Under his breath) Not to mention ill-tempered.

Beast: What? What is that? (Looks at Belle's gift)

Lumiere: Oh, it looks like a Christmas present.

Beast: Grrrr! (He storms away on to the balcony)

Lumiere: Oh ho ho. It's for you master, it's from.... a girl!

Beast: Mrs. Potts

Lumiere: No, from Belle.

Beast: (Walks over to the gift and begins to open it)

Lumiere: Ah, ah, master you can't open it!

Beast: Well, why not! It's for me isn't it!

Lumiere: Because it's not yet Christmas.

Beast: Pshaw!

Lumiere: Master, we all understand how you feel about Christmas, 
but when a woman gives a man a gift, she is saying 'I care for you.'

Beast: But I don't have a gift for her.

Lumiere: It is not too late.

Beast: Well, I guess I could get her a little somethin'. (Heads into 
Forte's room) Forte! Stop the noise!

Forte: Noise? Noise? This is my masterpiece. (Beast growls) Master...

Beast: I want you to compose a song. It's a present... for Belle.

Forte: Belle?

Beast: And make it happy! (He leaves)

Forte: Oh, but happines is so... depressing! What's next? Love songs??? 
Wedding marches??? It's all that girl's fault.

Belle: (Outside still searching for a tree) What about this one?

Chip: Umm.. too wiggly.

Belle: Too..wiggly?

Forte: (Back in his room) Fife! Pay attention. I need you to pace when 
I think. The girl is evil I tell you. She holds him from my grasp. She 
fills his head with dreams of love and hope and Christmas.

Fife: Well, whatcha gonna do? Ya can't stop Christmas!

Forte: No, but I can stop the girl.

Belle: (Back on the grounds searching for a tree) Chip, this is the 
last one.

Chip: That's not it! That's just a weed wishin' it was a tree.

Belle: Chip, we looked at every tree on the grounds.

Chip: But there's more this way than that.

Belle: It will have to do.

Axe: (She pounds him into the tree) Oy, aye gavult. What a hedache I have.

Belle: I'm sorry. I'll get a saw.

Axe: No, that's fine. I don't want I should put you out.

Belle: Oh, alright. (Belle pulls back to take another swing)

Axe: You have some oil? I just though... a little massage.. but if it's 
not, it's no. What are you waiting for, go ahead knock yourself out. 
You never get headaches I guess. Lucky you.

Belle: Really, I can get a saw.

Axe: Who wants a saw? Go ahead with the wacking and the hitting, 
who's stopping you? (Beautiful music begins to play.)

Belle: Shhhh. Oh, it's beautiful.

Forte: (Camera follows up into his room, he is playing the music) 
And now.. for a little fife. (Fife, makes a squel. The dog hears this 
and runs after the noise.)

Belle: (Outside) Sultan, wait. (She places the ax under the tree)

Axe: Don't worry about me, I'll just sit here. Snow is fine. 
(Snow falls on him.) Maybe a little wet, but who's complaining. 
(In Forte's room)

Forte: Yes, my dear. Come to me.

Belle: (walking towards Forte's room, talking to Sultan) Come here, 
Boy. Come here.

Fife: Aaa, good doggie, nice doogie.

Belle: Sultan? (Enters Forte's room) Hello? Hello?

Chip: M-m-maybe there's nobody here. M-m-maybe we should go.

Belle: (Hears Sultan barking) What's the matter Sultan?

Fife: (Cowering from Sultan) Aaaa

Belle: Oh, Hello. I don't believe we've met. I'm Belle. And you are?

Fife: Fife.

Belle: (Sultan growls at Fife.) Down boy, down. We heard the most 
beautiful music. Was it you?

Fife: (Giggles) Me? You thought that was me? (He turns bright red and 

Forte: Mademoiselle, please. I am maestro Forte, court composer and your 
most humble servant.

Belle: Pleased to meet you Monsieur Forte. I'm Belle.

Forte: Yes, the entire castle is talking about you child. They say you 
are planning a Christmas Gala. Marvelous idea. The very thing to shatter 
the master's dark and gloomy past. But you must make this the grandest 
celebration ever. Have you gifts?

Chip: Yep.

Forte: Food?
Chip: Yep.

Forte: Garlands, ribbons, wreaths?

Chip: Check.

Forte: Spangles and 'fandangles?' The trinkets, the trimmings, the 

Chip: Yup, we got 'em all.

Forte: The tree?

Chip: See Belle, I told ya.

Belle: Well, we found one.

Chip: But it was on the piddlin side of punny.

Forte: (laughes) But did you look in the Black forest? There you will 
find a tree better than any you can dream of.

Chip: Better? We gotta go Belle. We gotta

Belle: Chip, we can't. I promised your master I wouldn't leave the 
castle grounds. I gave my word.

Forte: Cheer up son, there is a profound lesson to be learned here. 
Keeping your word is much more important than bringing joy to another.

Belle: You're twisting what I say.

Forte: Not at all. I agree with you. Look after youself. Let the master 
do the same. Never mind that the tree was always his favorite part of 
Chip: Please Belle, please.

Belle: It looks dangerous.

Forte: Mademoiselle, you are in more danger in this very room. I 
assure you.

Belle: All right.

Chip: Yes!

Belle: We'll take Philipe. If we hurry we can be back by nightfall.

Chip: Hurray!

Belle: Au revior Monsieur Forte. You'll keep my secret won't you?

Forte: Of course Mademoiselle, the master will remain completely in 
the dark.

Belle: Au revior Fife. (She leaves)

Fife: Au revior

Forte: Fife! I want you to follow her. Make sure that they don't 
come back.

Fife: Oh but Maestro, she's so nice.

Forte: When you are finished fauning Fife perhaps you can recommend 
someone else to play your solo.

Fife: No! I'm going, I'm going. (Leaves)

Beast: (In the rose room, tidying up and humming to himself) Cogsworth.

Cogsworth: Oh yes, comming, comming.

Beast: Cogsworth.

Cogsworth: Running, running. Almost there. (enters the room) You 
bellowed sir?

Beast: Find Belle. She has to hear a song.

Cogsworth: Yes, sir. Right away sir. Uh yes. Spendid. Yes, Splendid. 
Right away sir. (Looking for her) Belle. Belle? Where is she? Belle?

Lumiere: Careful, Careful. Too fast! Get out of the way. Stop!

Angelique: Huh! Amateurs.

Cogsworth: Belle? Excuse me, Hello. Haa anyone seen Belle? I can't 
find her anywhere and the Master is demanding to see her now. He's 
got a song he wants her to hear.

Lumiere: C'est magnifique!

Mrs. Potts: Last I saw of her, she was going with Chip to look for a 
Christmas tree.

Cogsworth: Right, we must conduct a search of the ground. Lumiere 
you're with me.

Beast: Cogsworth, I'm waiting.

Cogsworth: Oh dear, very good, very good. I'm almost there. Mrs. Potts, 
stall the master. Lumiere, Lumiere, wait I'm leading. Me first, 
you second.

Lumiere: (Outside) Belle? Belle? Where is she?

Cogsworth: Belle? Belle?

Lumiere: Belle, where are you?

Cogsworth: Lumiere, wait.

Lumiere: (Sees the tracks in the snow) The black foresr! Come on, 
hurry now!

Cogsworth: Oh no! This is catastrophic!

Lumiere: Cogsworth, Quit dawdling.

Cogsworth: I'm not dawdling. I'm waddling.

Lumiere: Well, don't waddle then. We're in a hurry you lazy old clock. 

(In the Beast's room)

Beast: Hmm. Hmm. (Sighes. Clock ticks. Sighes again. The clock keeps 
ticking) Why am I still waiting? Mrs. Potts!

Mrs. Potts: Coming sir, coming. Such a brisk day. You look positively 
chilled to the bone!

Beast: Where's Belle?

Mrs. Potts: How about a nice pot of tea sir? Just a spot. (He takes 
the tea)

Beast: Forte! Play Belle's song. (Deck the Halls begins playing) 
You're not singing.

Forte: (dejected) Deck the halls with boughs of Holly. Fa la la la la la.

Beast: Louder!

Forte: 'Tis the season to be jolly.

Mrs. Potts: A bit more tea sir? Good for the heart you know.

Beast: No. Thank you.

Mrs. Potts: Just a spot.

Beast: No more.

Mrs. Potts: But there's always room for tea love.

Beast: I said no more!

Mrs. Potts: Dearie me!

Beast: Mrs. Potts, are you trying to distract me?

Mrs. Potts: Goodness no sir. Heavens, is that a yellow-bellied 
double-breasted sapsucker? Rare this time of year.

Beast: Enough! Where's Cogsworth? Where's Belle?

Mrs. Potts: Belle? We can't find her sir.

Beast: What! Leave me! (Grabs the magic mirror) Show me the girl! 
(It shows Belle with the carriage and Philipe out in the snow. He 
believes that she is running away.) I will bring her back! 

Forte: No! Um, She's abandoned you! Listen to your old friend won't 
you? Have I ever steered you wrong? Lead you astray? No! But the girl.. 
The quickest way to break your heart
Make you depressed and ill
Is to get tangled up inside
The side effects could kill

All passion is a waste of time
A deadly game pour vous
I am your friend, your cher ami
I wouldn't lie to you

If you must love someone, may I suggest
You love yourself! Just think it through
You'll never leave and you will find
You'll get more rest
You'll always feel as good as new
Your freedom is the most
Important thing, my friend
You must be strong, you mustn't bend
Don't talk for hours
Don't send flowers
Don't write poems
Don't sing and dance
Beneath the stars
That shine above
Don't fall in love

(Spoken) Don't do it!
As soon as your heart rules your head
Your life is not your own
It's hell when someone's always there
It's bliss to be alone
And love of any kind is bad
A dog, a child, a cat
They take up so much precious time
Now where's the sense in that?
Love takes the wildest heart and makes it tame
If you're turned on, then just turn off
Emotions are a thing all great men overcame
Please, don't make this grand catastrophe
Don't get attached to anyone or anything
There's nothing worse than things that cling
You'll go to pot
You'll turn to drink
You'll never rest
You'll end up mad and
Looking like some
Poor tormented dove
Don't fall in love
Don't fall in love

Beast: (Growls and leaves the room in a rage)

Angelique: (In the main room) No, no, no, no, no. You can not make 
bells with holly. Still I have to admit...not bad for amateurs.

Beast: (Growls and enters the room. He knocks over the table and ruins 
all the decorations)

Angelique: I knew this was hopeless.

(Belle is out in the sleigh with Chip and Philipe. The snow is falling 
hard and the wolves are howling. Fife is hanging on to the back of the 

Chip: (Sees a tree) There! That's it! That's it!

Belle: Oh, Chip it's perfect! (Philipe gingerly crosses the ice to 
the tree)

Cogsworth: Do you see her?

Lumiere: Not yet. Now come along, hurry.

Cogsworth: You go on. I'll never make it. Save youself.

Lumiere: It will be summer before we reach them. (Pushes Cogsworth 
into the snow.)

Cogsworth: What th..?

Lumiere: (Using Cogsworth as a sled) Hold on!

Cogsworth: Whoa! Oh dear!

Lumiere: Allez, Allez, faster faster! I think we've finally found a 
use for you. Clock boarding. No snow clocking. Whatever! Allez!

Chip: It's the best tree ever!

Belle: Chip you're right.

Axe: Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah!

Belle: We'd better hurry. It's getting very stormy.

Axe: Oy! Oy! Again, with the chopping.

Fife: Oh, I've got to do something. Forte's counting on me!

Chip: Timber!

Belle: Take it away Philipe.

Fife: Oh no! (Fife tries to hold the sleigh back, but goes flying off it.)

Belle: Fife?

Fife: Uh, Hi Belle. Nice tree.

Belle: What are you doing way out here?

Fife: Ah, nothing. I just was a, walking. I mean I love the bitter 
cold. (He begins tooting which upsets Philipe and causes him to break 
the ice.)

Belle: Philipe! Oh no!

Chip: The tree Belle! We're going to lose the tree! Noo! (He goes 
flying into the water)

Belle: Chip! Where is he?

Chip: (muffled) Help! Help!

Belle: (She sees him and uses the axe to chop the ice. She jumps into 
the freezing lake after him. She grabs him)

Lumiere: Hang on cherie! I will save you!

Cogsworth: Oh dear.

Fife: Oh no, oh gosh! Oh no, oh gosh! Oh no, oh gosh! Oh no! (He spots 
her beneath the ice and toots)

Axe: (rushes over to Fife and chops the ice freeing Belle) Oy!

Belle: (Emerges from beneath the ice) Oh Chip thank goodness you're safe.

Chip: I wasn't scared.

Belle: (The tree comes up beneath her and wraps the rope around her 
leg, pulling her back under the water.) Oh no! No! (They all try to 
pull her back up, but she slips beneath the surface)

Beast: (Arrives, growling. He jumps into the water and saves Belle.)

Chip: Belle!

Fife: Oh no! What have I done? It's all my fault.

Lumiere: We all share some blame, mon ami, for daring to hope for 

(In the Dungeon)

Beast: You said you'd never leave

Belle: I wasn't trying to leave. I just wanted to make you happy.

Beast: You broke your word and for that you will rot in this dungeon 

Belle: I should have known that you'd never be anything but a Beast.

Lumiere: (In the main room. A bell tolls 12.) Midnight. Merry Christmas 

Cogsworth: If only it were.

Forte: Oh my dear old friend. I told you not to feel for her. Things 
were so much simpler before she came along, before we dared to..hope.
Beast: Oh, I though she was the one.

(In the Dungeon)

Chip: Belle?

Lumiere: Hello Cherie.

Mrs. Potts: There she is.

Lumiere: Merry Christmas.

Chip: Doesn't look so special to me.

Belle: Oh Chip, I'm sorry. Nothings changed.

Angelique: I told you. I told you nothing would change. I told you 
the master would not allow this. I told you that Christmas was a 
hopeless folly. But, I was wrong. When I felt lost and lonely
Not a dream in my head
Your words lifted my spirits high
Remember what you said
As long as there's Christmas
I truly believe
That hope is the greatest of the gifts we'll recieve
As long as our guiding star shines above

There'll always be Christmas

So there always will be a time
When the world is filled with peace and love

Forte: (Back in Forte's room) Ah, it tears me up to see you this way 
master. Why do you torment yourself? Thre's the symbol of your curse. 
(Indicating the rose) Destroy it! And end these adolescent notions of 
love and redemption. End your pain forever. (The Beast lifts the cover 
off of the rose.) Yes! Do it! Smash it! (The Beast growls and rasies 
his arm to smash the rose. A petal falls and lands on the gift which 
Belle left for the Beast next to the rose.)

Beast: Belle.

Forte: What are you doing? What is it? Oh a storybook. Does this one 
had pretty pictures you can color? (Laughs) Utterly dreadful master.

Beast: No! This one is different. It's from Belle.

Forte: Well that would account for the creative wraping.

Beast: Quiet! I want to read.

Belle: (Voice over) Once upon a time there was an enchanted castle. 
It's master seemed as cold as winter. Deep inside his heart-- His 
cries echoed through the stone wall of the castle-- though surrounded 
by servants, he was all alone. And in that simple act of kindness, he 
knew that someone cared. Christmas that year was spent exchanging humble 
gifts but the greatest gift that anyone received was the gift of hope.

Beast: Hmm...Hope

Forte: No master! Come back! (Beast leaves) She'll only prolong your 

(Back in the Dungeon)

Chip: You know what Belle? I don't need a tree to celebrate Christmas.

Lumiere: And I can do without mistletoe.

Cogsworth: Well, I don't need tinsel.

Lumiere: Oh, I don't need holly.

Cogsworth: And I don't need a wreath.

Lumiere: I don't need ornaments.

Cogsworth: And I.. don't need turkey

Lumiere: I don't need stuffing.

Cogsworth: I don't need pudding!

Lumiere: To each his own my friend
You know how to get me stressed
But when it comes to making
Christmas special

I'm a cut above the rest

If you could see things clearly
You would say that I've been blessed

You can't hold a candle to my timing

Ahh! I'm a cut above the rest

You belong side by side
You should never be apart
Cause when you're both together
You're really twice as smart

Spoken:Twice as smart she does have a point

Spoken: Yes, well, two heads are better than one

I'd say that as a team
We have got to be the best

Now we've found something
We both agree on
We're a cut above the rest

There's no doubt that as a team
We two are the very best
Everyone who knows us must agree...
We're a cut above the rest

There's not doubt that as a team

You two are the very best
Everyone who knows you must agree

We're a cut...

A cut above...

Above the rest!

Chip: Uh oh! It's the master. (Beast enters)

Beast: Uh, Belle. Can you forgive me?

Belle: Of course. Merry Christmas.

All: (Cheering)

Beast: Let's give Belle the Christmas she's always wanted.

Forte: So, Beast gets girl and it's a happy ending for everyone. 
Enchantment lifted, and Forte fades into the background. No longer 
important. No longer needed, I think not! (He begins playing loud 
music which shakes the castle to pieces)

Chip: What is it mama? What's happening?

Fife: Forte! (He leaves)

Mrs. Potts: Hurry now, hurry! (Trying to get everyone out of the 
way of the falling debris)

Forte: Can you believe I never took a lesson.

Beast: (The floor between him and Belle separates) Belle!

Belle: Oh no! Help!

Beast: Belle!

Fife: Maestro! Stop! What do you think you're doing?

Forte: Don't you see Fife? They can't fall in love if they're dead!

Fife: I'll tell you what I see. A big old windbag.

Forte: You could have joined me Fife. But I see my truimph is a solo act. 
(Papers begin to fly about and one lands in Fife's hands)

Fife: My solo! It's blank!

Forte: So naive. You're second fiddle Fife and that's all you'll ever be.

Beast: Forte!

Forte: We can remain as we are forever and ever! (Laughs evily)

Beast: Forte! (Enter his room) Enough!

Forte: Heavens, master. You're not singing! (He blasts the Beast 
with music.)

Belle: (She places a plank of wood across the crack in the dungeon 
floor and lead everyone across the the floor) Careful.

Lumiere: (Everyone enters the room. The shaking has almost knocked 
the rose and jar off the table.) The bell jar!

Cogsworth: Got it! Got it!

Angelique: Careful.

Forte: (Still blasting music) Is this happy enough for you master? 
I know I'm downright giddy!

Fife: Oh master, the keyboard!

Beast: (Lifts the keyboard, breaking it and ending Forte's music)

Cogsworth: Got it! Got it! Whoa! Whoa! (Puts the jar back on the table)

Fife: Oh no! What have I done? It's all my fault.

Forte: (The Beast throws the keyboard into Forte, killing him. 
Forte screams.)

Beast: Forte.

Mrs. Potts: Oh yes, it is lovely.

Lumiere: And you said it was impossible.

Angelique: Uh-uh-uh-uh, I said it was impossible with out me.

Cogsworth: Everyone, shh-shh. Here they come!

Chip: Wow!

Cogsworth: The setting is perfect. Oh, aren't they beautiful? (Belle 
and the Beast enter dressed the same clothes they wear in the dancing 
scene in the original movie.)

Belle: It's wonderful. (Everyone cheers)

(Back in present time in the transformed Castle.)

Mrs. Potts: And what a wonderful Christmas it was. I suppose if 
anyone saved Christmas it was Belle.

Prince: Merry Christmas, one and all!

All: Merry Christmas.

Cogsworth: Merry Christmas to you sir.

Lumiere: Merry Christmas everyone.
Belle: I believe we have a little something for you Chip.

Chip: A present? Oh boy, Thank you! (The Prince removes a package 
from his coat and hands it to Chip) Oh look mama, a storybook! Will 
ya read it to me?

Mrs. Potts: I'd love to son.

Chip: Oh boy!

Prince: Maestro.

Fife: Yes, master?

Prince: Would you do us the honor old friend?

Fife: I'd be delighted. (Music strikes up.)

Prince: (He leads Belle out on to the balcony and gives her a gift. 
She opens it and finds a single rose. They turn and look out at the night sky together)
(End Credits)

G H I. J K L