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The AristoCats 4 Characters

Madame Adelaide Bonfamille - a high class successful opera singer "that's music... it's from Carmen... it was my favorite role it was the night of your grand premiere that we first met, remember?" who has reached old age, lonely, with only his pets cats, accompanied by nostalgic memories, regrets and remorse; very rich (you mean to say you're leaving your vast fortune... stocks and bonds, mansion, country chateau, art treasures, jewels); otherwise a person educated, with sense of humor and compassionate and in the end of the movie, her love for pets is materialized in a new charity work "my new foundation, my home for all the alley cats of Paris."
The Duchess - Madame Adelaide's cat and mother of three kittens (Toulouse, Marie, Berlioz). Like Madame Adelaide, she is lonely, educated and with sense of humor too ("Oh, why, monsieur... your name seems to cover all of Europe"), and her only concern is kitten's education ("Marie... this is really not ladylike and, Berlioz... such behavior is most unbecoming to a lovely gentleman... Aristocats do not practice biting and clawing... and things like that). Until one day, when due to unexpected events, she meet and them falls in love with Thomas O'Malley (Oh, Thomas, that would be wonderful).
Thomas O'Malley - a brave and friendly alley cat "Abraham Delacey Giuseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley", like a rover he
take life as it is offered and "I'm king of the highway, prince of the boulevard, duke of the avant-garde... the world is my backyard, so if you're going my way that's the road you wanna seek Calcutta to Rome or home sweet home in Paris", bohemian and indifferent to the care of tomorrow "humans don't really worry too much about their pets" who offers to guide Duchess and the kittens to Paris and finally fall in love with Duchess and become kittens father.
Toulouse - the oldest kitten, named after the great painter Toulouse-Lautrec, take painting lessons but his desire is to become an "tough alley cat" and for this he "practice all the time."
Marie - the middle kitten, "going to be as beautiful as his mother", believes that "females never fight fair" and "ladies do not start fights but they can finish them."
Berlioz - named after the great French Romantic composer Hector Berlioz, the youngest but seems the most gifted art of three brothers, love Thomas like a father.
Edgar - Madame Adelaide's English butler, believes he will be dead before he inherits Madame Adelaide's fortune and plots to remove the cats.
Georges Hautecourt - lawyer, lively old friend of Madame Adelaide, who denies his old age.
Napoleon the Bloodhound - a farm dog who attacks Edgar when he intrudes in the farm saving the lives of Duchess and her kittens.
Lafayette the Basset Hound - also a farm dog and Napoleon's companion, proves to be smarter than Napoleon despite Napoleon staunchly insisting that he is the leader;
Abigail Gabble - an English goose who are travelling for Paris and finds the cats and tries to help them get home.
Amelia Gabble - also English goose who's Abigail's twin sister.
Uncle Waldo - the drunk uncle of Amelia and Abigail Roquefort - a mouse, friend of the cats, find Scat Cat and his gang for help and frees Duchess and kittens from the trunk.
Frou-Frou - the carriage-horse, Roquefort's companion.
Scat Cat - Thomas O'Malley's best friend and leader of a group of music-loving alley cats in which he plays to the trumpet.
Shun Gon - the Chinese cat, member of Scat Cat's gang, plays the piano and drums.
Hit Cat - the English Cat, member of Scat Cat's gang, plays acoustic guitar.
Peppo - the Italian Cat, a member of Scat Cat's gang, plays the accordion.
Russian Cat - member of Scat Cat's gang, plays bass guitar.

Script Hey! Yes, Monsieur O'Malley? Now, look, kids, if I said magic carpet... magic carpet it's gonna be. And it's gonna stop for passengers... right... here. Oh, boy! We're gonna fly after all. Ah, another flight into the fantasy, Monsieur O'Malley? No, no, no, baby! No, no, no, baby! Now, you just hide over there and you leave the rest to J. Thomas O'Malley. Quick, Mama, get in here. But children... Hurry up, Mama. Hurry. One magic carpet comin' up. That's a magic carpet? Stupid cat! Brainless lunatic! All right, step lively. All aboard for Paris. Why, Mr. O'Malley, you could have lost your life. So, I've got a few to spare. Nothing. How can we ever thank you? My pleasure entirely. Aloha. Auf Wiedersehen. Bon soir. Sayonara. And all those good-bye things, baby. Sayonara, Mister... Oh! Mama! Marie! Marie! Oh, Marie, are you all right? Yes, Mama. Haven't we met before? Oh, and I'm so very glad we did. Thank you, Mr. O'Malley, for saving my life. No trouble at all, little princess. And when we get to Paris, I'll show you the time of your life. Oh, I'm so sorry, but... Well, we just couldn't. You see, my mistress will be so worried about us. Well, humans don't really worry too much about their pets. Oh, no. You just don't understand. She loves us very much. Poor Madame, in that big mansion all alone. In all our days, in tender ways... her love for us was shown. And so, you see... we can't leave her alone. She'd always say that we're the greatest treasure she could own because with us she never felt alone. Oh, Roquefort, I've been so worried about you. Did you have any luck at all? Not a sign of them, Frou-Frou. And I've searched all night. I know, and poor Madame didn't sleep a wink either. Oh, it's a sad day for all of us. Morning, Frou-Frou, my pretty steed. Can you keep a secret? Of course you can. I've some news straight from the horse's mouth. If you'll pardon the expression, of course. Look, Frou-Frou, I've made the headlines. Mysterious Catnapper Abducts Family of Cats. Well, aren't you proud of me? So, he's the catnapper! The police said it was a professional, masterful job. The work of a genius. Not bad, eh, Frou-Frou old girl? Oh, they won't find a clue to implicate me. Not one single clue. Why, I'll eat my hat if they... My hat! My umbrella! Oh, oh gracious! I've got to get those things back tonight. Ooh, you. Why, that sneaky, crooked no good butler of. Anyone for breakfast? What breakfast? Where is it? Right under that magic carpet. But now we have to cook up a little spell. You know. You ready? All right. First, to make the magic begin... you wiggle your nose. And tickle your chin. Now, you close your eyes and cross your heart. Then presto! Breakfast a la carte. Hurray! We did it! Look, Mama, look. Why, Mr. O'Malley, you are amazing! True. True. Thieves! You robbers! Mangy tramps! Take that and that! Oh! Oh, what a horrible, horrible human. Well, some humans are like that, Duchess. I've learned to live with it. I'll show him. Meow! Hey, cool it, you little tiger. That guy's dynamite. But he called us tramps. Oh, I'll be so glad when we get back home. Well, that's a long way off so we better get moving. Gee whiz! Look at that bridge! Come on, let's play train. Now, be careful, children. Marie's the caboose. All aboard! Clickety. Oh, no! All right, now, don't panic. Down underneath here. Mama! Marie! Oh, Marie! Keep your head up, Marie. Here I come. Thomas! Thomas, up here. Gee, Marie, why'd you have to fall off the bridge? Thomas! Oh, Thomas! Take care! I'm all right, honey. Don't worry. I'll see ya downstream. What beautiful countryside, Abigail. Oh, so much like our own dear England. Oh, indeed yes. Amelia, if I walk much further, I'll get flat feet. Abigail, we were born with flat feet. I say, look over there. Oh! Oh, how unusual. Well, fancy that. A cat learning how to swim. And he's going about it all the wrong way. Quite. We must correct him. Sir! Sir! You are most fortunate we happened along. Yes, we're here to help you. No, no. Back off, girls. I'm doing fine. First, you must gain self-confidence by striking out on your own. Go away. I'm trying to get to shore. You will never learn to swim properly with that willow branch in your mouth. Indeed not! Snip. Here we go. Don't do that! You're doing splendidly! And don't worry about form. It will come later. Ooh, he takes to water like a fish, doesn't he? A very enthusiastic pupil. No. Now, this is no time for fun and games. Gracious, Amelia. You don't suppose. Oh, yes! Yes, I do! Bottoms up! Deeper! Deeper! Look, Ma, there he is. You really did quite well for a beginner. Oh, Thomas! Thank goodness you're safe. Keep practicing! And totally pip. Can I help you, Mr. O'Malley, huh? Help? I've had all the help I can take.

The English butler and the carriage-horse
The English butler and the carriage-horse
  The AristoCats part 4
The AristoCats part 4
  The Cats
The Cats
  The English twin sister gooses
The English twin sister gooses