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I'm making this cake for my forty-fifth wedding anniversary. I'm going to put some pink roses on it, and little green leaves, and I'm going to put this wedding ornament on it that was on my original cake, when Bud and I got married 45 years ago. Now, the ribbon's a little tattered and torn, but Bud and I are a little tattered and torn, too, so we'll use that on there, I think. On the whole, both Bud and Viola enjoy robust good health. But as they've got older, they've occasionally had to deal with something serious. I have always had wonderful health, all of my life, until I was 58 years old, and at that time I came down with spinal meningitis. In fact, I was doing a big wedding cake for some people, four hundred guests, and I became very ill that day. So ill in fact that Viola became unconscious. She was rushed to hospital and, apart from anything else; it looked as if she and Bud would miss a holiday together. Then, whilst she was in the coma, one of the children came up with a bright idea. And she opened her eyes and that brought her to. My eyes flew open and I came out of the coma. I couldn't believe it.

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Human Body As Time Goes By movie
Human Body As Time Goes By movie
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