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Once the cervix has been opened, the baby's exit route is clear. The head acts as a battering ram, forging a way for the rest of the body. To see more clearly what's happening, let's look beneath the skin at the baby preparing for its exit. It has to perform a difficult manoeuvre. It's facing us here, but as it enters the pelvis its head gets turned round to face Phillippa's spine, and then its head and neck are bent right back through an angle of ninety degrees. It's rather like forcing your foot into a Wellington boot. Just reach down and touch the baby's head. Just inside now, when you're pushing, it comes out quite a lot. Phillippa gave birth to a healthy baby girl, just one of almost a million babies that share her birth date, all around the world.

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Human Body An Everyday Miracle movie
Human Body An Everyday Miracle movie
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