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No Fear Swan Princess

watch video from The Swan Princess (1994) movie, song music by Lex de Azevedo, lyrics by David Zippel, performed by Liz Callaway (Princess Odette), Steve Vinovich (Puffin), Jonathan Hadary (Speed) and David Zippel (Jean-Bob) Lyrics, quotes and pictures ALL: We're off on a mission / We're tough, in good conditionWe're tough, in good condition / We're short / But standing tall, no fearBut standing tall, no fear! / There's danger around us / They'd hurt us if they found us / Our backs are to the wall / No fear! / Because we have all the courage we requireBecause we have all the courage we require / Take it from a frequent flyer / Try your luck / Our plan will fly / No fear! SWAN PRINCESS: It's hanging on the wall. In the upper chamber. PUFFIN: Odette will keep a look out while we get the mapwill keep a look out while we get the map. JEAN-BOB: We? PUFFIN: Were you not going to help us? JEAN-BOB: Oui. JEAN-BOB [singing]: This plan if applied'll / Be simply suicidal / You'll be a sitting duck ALL: No fear! JEAN-BOB [singing]: Suppose that I do this / Who knows if we'll live through this? / How 'bout a kiss for luckHow 'bout a kiss for luck? SWAN PRINCESS: No PUFFIN AND SPEED: Fear! PRINCESS ODETTE [singing]: Our team is shy one green, web-footed volunteerOur team is shy one green, web-footed volunteer JEAN-BOB [singing]: No way, jose / No chance! SPEED: No choice ALL: No fear! JEAN-BOB: No! Stop it! Stop it! No! PUFFIN: Alright! Quickly! SPEED: Easy for you to say. Ouch. PUFFIN: Whenever I have to do something quick, I always bring a turtle. SPEED: I think I pulled a muscle. JEAN-BOB: I'm gonna die! Out of it, I am going a dangerous mission with a lame turtle! You're gonna get us all killed. SPEED: Beat ya. ALL SINGING: We will take any dare / That the other side'll dare to dream up / We'll fight tough / We'll play fair / But we're sure to win / Because we'll team up SPEED: Yikes. PUFFIN: Head for the door. Alright! Jean-Bob goes deep, Speed gets the hand-off. Ready? JEAN-BOB AND SPEED: Break! PUFFIN: Set. Hut hut! JEAN-BOB: I'm open, I'm open. PUFFIN: Catch that map. SPEED: Saved you. JEAN-BOB: Reach. SPEED: Hey, batter batter batter. PUFFIN: Oh, the crowd's going wild. ALL: No fear! / No fear! / I would be fine if one of us / Knew how to steer! / Get a grip! / Get set! / That's our respect! / No breaks! / No sweat! / And no regrets! / We're dead! / Not yet! / Oh no, not there! SPEED: Save me. ALL SINGING: No fear! NOTE: To watch the pictures in high resolution, click on them

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