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No need to get upset

video quotes and pictures from animated fantasy film Spirited Away with Chihiro, Haku, Yubaba, Yuna, No-Face, Kamajii, Lin, Chichiyaku, Boh Quotes
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KAMAJII: Something you wouldn't recognize. It's called "love." HOUSEMAID: He just keeps getting bigger! YUNA: I'm scared. I don't wanna be eaten by it. HOUSEMAID: It's her. CHICHIYAKU: Oh, Sen, thank goodness. Yubaba can't hold him off much longer.
YUBABA: There's no need to get upset, I'm sure they'll find Sen somewhereThere's no need to get upset, I'm sure they'll find Sen somewhere. NO-FACE: Where is Sen? I want Sen! CHICHIYAKU: Hurry! This way! Madam, Sen is here now. YUBABA: Finally! Sen has arrived, sir. She will be with you in just a few minutes. He's destroying everything. It's costing us a fortuneIt's costing us a fortune. So suck up to him and get every last speck of gold he's. Ew! What's that dirty mouse doing here? CHIHIRO: Huh? He's your. He doesn't look familiar?He doesn't look familiar? YUBABA: Familiar? Don't be stupid. Now, get in there. Here's Sen. CHICHIYAKU: Will Sen be all right in there by herself? YUBABA: You wanna take her place? Hmph! CHICHIYAKU: Huh? NO-FACE: Try this. It's delicious. Want some gold? I'm not giving it to anybody else. Come closer, Sen. What would you like? Just name it. CHIHIRO: I would like to leave, sir. I have someplace I need to go to right away, please. You should go back to where you came from. Yubaba doesn't want you in the bathhouse any longer. Where is your home? Don't you have any friends or family? NO-FACE: No. No! I'm lonely. I'm lonely. CHIHIRO: What is it that you want? NO FACE: I want Sen. I want Sen! Take the gold. Take it! CHIHIRO: Are you going to eat me? NO-FACE: Take it! BOH: Ooh! Huh? NO-FACE: Huh. Ow. CHIHIRO: If you want to eat me, eat this firsteat this first. I was saving this for my parents but I think you'd better have it. N0-FACE: Sen! Sen, what did you do to me?what did you do to me? Aah! YUBABA: Enough! I don't care if he's rich! This nonsense has gotta stop! CHIHIRO: No-Face! Over here! FROG: Run for your life! NO-FACE: Now, that's an esophagus! I'll get you for this, Sen! FROG: Duck! NO-FACE: Excuse me. LIN: Sen, this way! CHIHIRO: Hey, over here! LIN: Sen, don't call him over! CHIHIRO: I think being in the bathhouse makes him crazy. He needs to get out of there. LIN: Yeah? And go where? CHIHIRO: I don't know. LIN: You don't know? Great. Now he's following us. CHIHIRO: He won't hurt us. AOGAERU: Hmm? LIN: You'll have to walk from here. CHIHIRO: Okay. LIN: The station's just down the tracks. CHIHIRO: Thanks, Rin. LIN: You better come back, you hear me? CHIHIRO: I will. LIN: Sen, I'm sorry I called you a dope before! I take it back! No-Face, if you put even one scratch on that girl, you're in big trouble. CHIHIRO: There's the station. Here comes the train. Come on. Oh. We'd like to go to Swamp Bottom, please. Huh? Oh. You wanna come with us? NO-FACE: Uh-huh. CHIHIRO: He'd like to come too, please. NO-FACE: Uh... Uh... CHIHIRO: Sit here. Behave yourselfBehave yourself, okay? HAKU: Kamajii, wake up. KAMAJII: Hmm? Haku, you're all right. HAKU: I'm fine. Where is Sen? Did she go somewhere? Can you tell me what's going on?Can you tell me what's going on? KAMAJII: You blacked out, remember? HAKU: Yeah, I remember being in darkness. Then I could hear Sen's voice calling out my name. So I followed her voice, and the next thing I knew I was lying here feeling better than ever.
KAMAJII: Pure love. It broke Zaneba's spell. Sen left to return the golden seal. She did it to save you.

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