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Let's see what she'll do

video quotes and pictures from animated fantasy film Spirited Away with Yubaba, Chihiro, Chichiyaku, Lin, Unnamed River Spirit Quotes
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CHIHIRO: What? Just a minute, sir. YUBABA: Disgusting? CHICHIYAKU: I don't think it's very funny. YUBABA: Let's see what she'll do nextLet's see what she'll do next. Look. She wants to refill the tub. CHICHIYAKU: Oh, dear! She's gonna waste all our good water! CHIHIRO: Ow! YUBABA: Hmm. Who gave her all the bath tokens? CHICHIYAKU: Don't look at me. I didn't do it. CHICHIYAKU: Oh, no! That's our best herbal formula! LIN: Sen! Sen, where are you? CHIHIRO: Over here! LIN: Don't worry. Stay right where you are. I'm coming to help youI'm coming to help you. You're gonna be fine. I won't let him hurt you. CHIHIRO: I think he needs help. It feels like there's a thorn in his side. LIN: A thorn? CHIHIRO: It won't come out! YUBABA: What's that? He has a thorn? Hmm. Get the staff down there. Step on it! CHICHIYAKU: Huh? Right, right, right! Get downstairs! Help her! You! All of you! YUBABA: Listen to me. That's no stink spirit we have on our handsThat's no stink spirit we have on our hands. Grab onto this rope. CHIHIRO: Wait! LIN: Mmm. Hold on tight. CHIHIRO: Got it. LIN: Hurry up, now. YUBABA: Get in there! Everyone get in there and help them. CHIHIRO: We've got it tied on! YUBABA: ready on my commandEveryone, ready on my command and heave!.
ALL: And... heave! Heave! And... heave! Heave! And heave! And heave!
CHIHIRO: A bicycle?
YUBABA: Thought so. Get ready, now! Heave!
ALL: Heave! Heave!
LIN: Sen! Sen, where are you?
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