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video quotes and pictures from animated fantasy film Spirited Away with Chihiro, Haku, Kamajii, Lin, Chichiyaku, Aniyaku, Sootballs Quotes
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ANIYAKU: There's a human someplace. We must find him. Let's go this way. CHICHIYAKU: Wait for me. Wait for me. Wait. ANIYAKU: Come on. Everything's fine. CHIHIRO: Uh, hello. Excuse me. Uh, hello? Uh, hello. Are you Kamajii? KAMAJII: Eh? Huh? CHIHIRO: Haku told me to come here and ask you for work. Could you give me a job?Could you give me a job? KAMAJII: Four bath tokens at once. Come on. Get to work you little runtsGet to work you little runts. Yeah, I'm Kamajii slave to the boiler that heats the baths. Move it, ya stupid soot balls. CHIHIRO: Please, I've gotta get a job here. KAMAJII: I don't need any help. The place is full of soot. I just cast a spell on them and I've got all the workers I need. CHIHIRO: Oh. Sorry. Wait. Just a second. KAMAJII: Out of the way. CHIHIRO: What should I do with this? Should I leave it here? KAMAJII: Finish what you started, humanFinish what you started, human. CHIHIRO: Hmm? KAMAJII: Hey, you runts. You wanna turn back into soot? And you, back off. You can't just take someone else's job. If they don't work, the spell wears off.the spell wears off. They turn back into soot. There's no work for you here, got it? Try somewhere else. You soot balls got a problem? Get back to work! LIN: Chow time. What's going on? Are you guys fighting again? Where's your other bowl? KAMAJII: Oh. Ahh. LIN: From yesterday? I keep telling you to leave it out, Kamajii.
KAMAJII:  Meal time! Take a break. Meal time! Take a break.
LIN: A human! You're in trouble. You're the one everyone's looking forYou're the one everyone's looking for.
KAMAJII: She's my granddaughter.
LIN: Granddaughter?
KAMAJII: She said she wants to work here but I've got all the help I need. Will you take her to see Yubaba? She's a tough little girl. I think she can handle it.
LIN: No way. I'm not gonna risk my life.
KAMAJII: What if I give you this roasted newt? Hmm? It's a good one. If you want a job, you'll have to make a deal with Yubaba.If you want a job, you'll have to make a deal with Yubaba. She's the head honcho here. LIN: Give me that! Come on, little girl. You better follow me. Can't you even manage a "Yes, ma'am" or a "Thank you"? CHIHIRO: Yes, ma'am. LIN: What a dope. Hurry up. CHIHIRO: Yes, ma'am.
LIN: You don't need your shoes or your socks. Just leave 'em.
CHIHIRO: Yes, ma'am.
LIN: Thank the boiler man, you idiot. You know, he's really sticking his neck out for you.
CHIHIRO: Thank you, Mr. Boiler Man.
KAMAJII: Good luck.

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