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Shrek part 8 True love first kiss

Quotes SHREK: Donkey? What are you doing? DONKEY: I would think, of all people, you would recognize a wall when you see one. SHREK: Well, yeah. But the wall's supposed to go around my swamp, not through it. DONKEY: It is around your half swampIt is around your half swamp. See that's your half, and this is my half.
SHREK: Oh! Your half. Hmm.
DONKEY: Yes, my half. I helped rescue the princess. I did half the work. I get half the booty. Now hand me that big old rock, the one that looks like your head.
SHREK: Back off!
DONKEY: No, you back off.
SHREK: This is my swamp!
DONKEY: Our swamp.
SHREK: Let go, Donkey!
DONKEY: You let go.
SHREK: Stubborn jackass!
DONKEY: Smelly ogre.
SHREK: Fine!
DONKEY: Hey, hey, come back here. I'm not through with you yet.
SHREK: Well, I'm through with you.
DONKEY: Uh-uh. You know, with you it's always, "Me, me, me!" Well, guess what! Now it's my turn! So you just shut up and pay attention! You are mean to me. You insult me and you don't appreciate anything that I do! You're always pushing me around or pushing me away.
SHREK: Oh, yeah? Well, if I treated you so bad, how come you came back?
DONKEY: Because that's what friends do! They forgive each otherBecause that's what friends do! They forgive each other!
SHREK: Oh, yeah. You're right, Donkey. I forgive you for stabbin' me in the back!
DONKEY: Ohh! You're so wrapped up in layers, onion boy, you're afraid of your own feelings.
SHREK: Go away!
DONKEY: There you are , doing it again just like you did to Fiona. All she ever do was like you, maybe even love you.
SHREK: Love me? She said I was ugly, a hideous creatureLove me? She said I was ugly, a hideous creature. I heard the two of you talking.
DONKEY: She wasn't talkin' about you. She was talkin' about, uh, somebody else.
SHREK: She wasn't talking about me? Well, then who was she talking about?
DONKEY: Uh-uh, no way. I ain't saying anything. You don't wanna listen to me. Right? Right?
SHREK: Donkey!
SHREK: Okay, look. I'm sorry, all right? I'm sorry. I guess I am just a big, stupid, ugly ogre. Can you forgive me?
DONKEY: Hey, that's what friends are for, right?
SHREK: Right. Friends?
DONKEY: Friends.
SHREK: So, um, what did Fiona say about me?
DONKEY: What are you asking me for? Why don't you just go ask her?
SHREK: The wedding! We'll never make it in time.
DONKEY: Ha-ha-ha! Never fear, for where, there's a will, there's a way and I have a wayNever fear, for where, there's a will, there's a way and I have a way.
SHREK: Donkey?
DONKEY: I guess it's just my animal magnetism.
SHREK: Aw, come here, you.
DONKEY: All right, all right.Don't get all slobbery. No one likes a kiss ass. All right, hop on and hold on tight. I haven't had a chance to install the seat belts yet.
SHREK: Whoo! PRIEST: People of DuLoc, we gather here today to bear witnss to the union.
PRINCESS FIONA: Um! PRIEST: of our new king.
PRINCESS FIONA: Excuse me. Could we just skip ahead to the "I do's"? LORD FARQUAAD: Go on.
DONKEY: Go ahead, have some fun. If we need you, I'll whistle. How about that? Shrek, wait, wait! Wait a minute! You wanna do this right, don't you?
SHREK: What are you talking about?
DONKEY: There's a line you gotta wait for. The preacher's gonna say, Speak now or forever hold your peace. That's when you say, I objectSpeak now or forever hold your peace. That's when you say, I object!
SHREK: I don't have time for this!
DONKEY: Hey, wait. What are you doing? Listen to me! Look, you love this woman, don't you?
DONKEY: You wanna hold her?
DONKEY: Please her?
DONKEY: Then you got to, got to try a little tenderness. The chicks love that romantic crap!
SHREK: All right! Cut it out. When does this guy say the line?
DONKEY: We gotta check it out.
PRIEST: And so, by the power vested in me,
SHREK: What do you see?
DONKEY: The whole town's in there.
PRIEST: I now pronounce you husband and wifeI now pronounce you husband and wife.
DONKEY: They're at the altar.
PRIEST: king and queen.
DONKEY: Mother Fletcher! He already said it.
SHREK: Oh, for the love of Pete! I object!
LORD FARQUAAD: Oh, now what does he want?
SHREK: Hi, everyone. Havin' a good time, are ya? I love DuLoc, first at all. Very clean.
PRINCESS FIONA: What are you doing here?
SHREK: Really, it's rude enough being alive when no one wants you, but showing up uninvited to a wedding. Fiona! I need to talk to youI need to talk to you.
PRINCESS FIONA: Oh, now you wanna talk? It's a little late for that, so if you'll excuse me.
SHREK: But you can't marry him.
PRINCESS FIONA: And why not?
SHREK: Because, Because he's just marring you so he can be king.
LORD FARQUAAD: Outrageous! Fiona, don't listen to him.
SHREK: He's not your true love.
PRINCESS FIONA: And what do you know about true love?
SHREK: Well, I. Uh! I mean.
LORD FARQUAAD: Oh, this is precious. The ogre has fallen in love with the princess! Oh, good Lord. An ogre and a princess!
PRINCESS FIONA: Shrek, is this true?
LORD FARQUAAD: Who cares? It's preposterous! Fiona, my love, we're but a kiss away from our "happily ever after." Now kiss me! Mmmmm!
PRINCESS FIONA: " By night one way, by day anotherBy night one way, by day another." I wanted to show you before.
SHREK: Well, uh, that explains a lot.
LORD FARQUAAD: Ugh! It's disgusting! Guards! Guards! I order you to get that out of my sight now! Get them! Get them both!
SHREK: No, no!
LORD FARQUAAD: This hocus-pocus alters nothing. This marriage is binding, and that makes me king! See? See?
PRINCESS FIONA: No, let go of me! Shrek!
LORD FARQUAAD: Don't just stand there, you morons.
SHREK: Get out of my way! Fiona! Arrgh!
LORD FARQUAAD: I'll make you regret the day we met. I'll see you drawn and quartered! You'll beg for death to save you!
LORD FARQUAAD: And as for you, my wife,
SHREK: Fiona!
LORD FARQUAAD: I'll have you locked back in that tower for the rest of your days! I'm king! I will have order! I will have perfection! I will have. Aaaah! Aah!
DONKEY: All right. Nobody move. I got a dragon here, and I'm not afraid to use it. I'm a donkey on the edge! Celebrity marriages. They never last, do they? Go ahead, Shrek.
SHREK: Uh, Fiona?
SHREK: I. I love you.
SHREK: Really, really.
PRINCESS FIONA: I love you too.
ALL: Aawww!
WHISPERS: Until you find true love's first kissUntil you find true love's first kiss. and then take love's true formtake love's true form. Take love's true form. Take love's true form.
SHREK: Fiona? Fiona. Are you all right?
PRINCESS FIONA: Well, yes. But I don't understand. I'm supposed to be beautiful.
SHREK: But you are beautiful.
DONKEY: I was hoping this would be a happy ending.
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At the 74th Academy Awards, Shrek won the first ever Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, beating Monsters Inc and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.
The song "I'm a Believer", which has become one of the series' theme songs, was chosen specifically because of the line "I thought love was only true in fairy tales."
In 2005, Shrek came sixth in Channel 4's 100 Greatest Cartoons poll behind The Simpsons, Tom and Jerry, South Park, Toy Story and Family Guy.
Shrek received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The effects department actually took mud showers to study how to realistically portray mud in the film.
The film was entered into the 2001 Cannes Film Festival, and was the first animated film since Disney's Peter Pan (1953) to receive that honour.
Shrek became the highest-grossing animated film ever to be released in Australia, passing The Lion King (1994)
In many places the film references classic movies, predominantly those by Disney. When Tinker Bell falls on Donkey and he says "I can fly" and people around including the Three Little Pigs say "He can fly, he can fly"; this is a reference to Disney's Peter Pan. This scene is also a reference to the Disney film Dumbo, where Donkey says, while flying, "You might have seen a house fly, maybe even a super fly, but I bet you ain't never seen a Donkey fly".

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