Merry Men

video song from Shrek (2001) written by Kirby Tepper, Andrew Adamson and Conrad Vernon, performed by Vincent Cassel
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Oh, Merry Men. / Ta, dah, dah, dah, whoo. / I steal from the rich / And give to the needyI steal from the rich / And give to the needy. / He takes a wee percentage, / But I'm not greedy. / I rescue pretty damselsI rescue pretty damsels, / Man, I'm good / What a guy, Monsieur Hood / Break it down / I like an honest fight / And a saucy little maid / What he's basically saying / Is he likes to get. Paid / So, when an ogre in the bush / Grabs a lady by the tush / That's bad, that's bad / When a beauty's with a beast / It makes me awfully mad / He's mad. He's really, really mad / I'll take my blade and / ram it through your heart / Keep your eyes on me, boys / 'Cause I'm about to start NOTE: To watch the pictures from video in high resolution, click on them