watch video from The Secret of NIMH (1982) movie, performed by Sally Stevens with Mrs. Brisby,
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Martin, Cynthia, Teresa, Timothy Lyrics with pictures Dream by night, wish by day, / Love begins this way, / Night's a friend with love to sendNight's a friend with love to send / Each new day. Bless your heartBless your heart, bless your soul, / Let your dreams come true, / Future songs and flying dreams, / Wait for you. / Love it seems made flying dreams, / So hearts could soar, / Heaven sent these wings were meant, / To prove once more that love is the keyTo prove once more that love is the key. CYNTHIA: Is Timmy gonna die? MRS. BRISBY: No, sweetheart. He's just very sickHe's just very sick. TERESA: What's the matter with him, Mother? MRS. BRISBY: Mr. Ages called it pneumonia. TERESA: Pneumonia? CYNTHIA: When will he get better? MRS. BRISBY: Soon....I hope. As you wish, as you will / Dreaming a flying star / Love and care, the power is there / Trust your heart, / Trust your heart. MRS. BRISBY: Off to bed with you now.

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