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All's Well

video song from Gulliver's Travels (1939) music by Ralph Rainger, lyrics by Leo Robin, performed by Chorus
All's well! What's a rainy day? / Never mind that cloudNever mind that cloud. / Behind that cloud you'll find a golden ray. / All's well! Laugh your fears away. / See the light ahead. Right ahead. / There's a moonlit night ahead. / Everyone, come on have fun all's wellEveryone, come on have fun / All's well!
All's well!
All's well!
All's well!

[The song sung by the Lilliput's people, marching between the Gulliver's legs, after King Little realized that the giant is on his side "There's nothing to fear! The man mountain's on our side!", is followed by another beautiful song called It's a Hap Hap Happy Day. The word lilliputian has become an adjective meaning "very small in size", or "petty or trivial". When used as a noun, it means either "a tiny person" or "a person with a narrow outlook, who minds the petty and trivial things."]
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