Let Me Be Surprised

video song from All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989) written by Charles Strouse, sung by Burt Reynolds (Charlie B. Barkin) and Melba Moore (Whippet Angel)
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Welcome to doing whatever you wishWelcome to doing whatever you wish / (This is really a lovely place you got here.) / Eating whenever you please (Follow me...) / To a constant temperate climate, we keep it 73 degrees (We're still on Fahrenheit here. That's fine with me.) / Welcome to no more rat race (Oh, boy.) / To order and claming state ( Ah, great. ) / Welcome to being dead (What?! You mean I'm I'm? Stone cold, I'm afraid. I can't believe it! I've been murdered! I'm having trouble finding any goodness or loyalty here, but let me seeI'm having trouble finding any goodness or loyalty here, but let me see . He killed me! I beg your pardon? A mistake's been made here!) / I don't want to die / You got the wrong guy / I was double-Crossed by a dirty rat / Actually, this rat was a dog but his car ran me down / I just blew out of jail, I just got back to town / Hey, this is hard to explain / May I speak to your superior? Cause I don't want to die! / Welcome to doing whatever you wish / You've got the wrong guy / Laughing and singing all day / I need Brazil, / The throb, the thrill / I've never been there, but someday I will / Adventure and danger, / Love from a stranger / Let me be surprisedAdventure and danger, / Love from a stranger / Let me be surprised / La da da da da da bo bo bo / Ooh, la la la / Today there's sun they said there'd be snow / when all's said and done, It's fun not to know / What keeps my heart humming / Is guessing what's coming / Let me be surprised / Oh, oh / Oh, ain't it great / Ain't it great / When fate makes you wait? / La la la la la la / The world seems mirthless / And you feel worthless / And suddenly there's a big / Bone on your plate / Oh, Charlie, please remember / Down there's a world of used cars / And singles bars, broken dreams / And out of Reach Stars / But it isn't over, / Not for this rover / I don't like to steal / Ah ah ah / But I don't buy this deal / La la la / In 'bout 3 seconds / She will have realized / Ah ah ah ahh / And she's gonna be / ( Charlie, what are you doing? ) Wait will you see / ( What's that you have behind your back?) She's gonna be / ( Charlie, don't wind that watch!) Surprised! Pictures from video Note: To view in high resolution, click on them