Triad: St Patrick Cu Chulainn Oisin

the 10th song of the album The Celts (1992), composed and performed by Enya
Read or download Triad: St Patrick Cu Chulainn Oisin lyrics by Roma Ryan
Gaeilge lyrics: Tabhair dom ghrása, / Fíormhac Dé. / Tabhair dom do neartsa, / An ghrian gheal glé. English lyrics: Give me your love, / true son of God. / Give me strength, / the clear bright sun. The son of a Roman official, Patrick was captured by a raiding party of Celts when a boy, and spent six years in captivity. He escaped, became a priest and returned to Ireland. According to legend it is St. Patrick who is responsible for Ireland's conversion to Christianity and the final loss of the old Celtic beliefs.

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Triad: St Patrick Cu Chulainn Oisin picture
Triad: St Patrick Cu Chulainn Oisin picture
"I enjoy night-time because it's my time - it's so peaceful. Even when I'm travelling, no matter how late I'm working, I must have some hours to myself. I love having baths. First I lie on my Japanese massage bed; it has rollers which heat up and come rolling under your body. I do that for about 10 minutes before stepping into the Jacuzzi. I'll spend about an hour or so on my book of days - a diary - which I've kept since boarding school. On occasions I'll pick up a particular date and I'll read back to what I was doing this time last year, and two years back, and relive those moments and think, 'My God! Wow! It feels like yesterday.' During a difficult time I think, 'This isn't as bad as that time.' At about 1.30 or 2am I finally decide I must go to sleep if I'm going to make sense of tomorrow. If I'm calm I can lie there quite peacefully, but if something's bothering me, it goes round and round in my head. There's a church next to my house and I'll listen to the bells tolling the hours and the half-hours. I'll get up two or three times to check things. Eventually I'll get back into bed because tomorrow is another day and I know I'll have to work." (The Sunday Times, 1992)
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