the 11th song of the album The Celts (1992), composed and performed by Enya
When asked if there is a current man in her life, she feigns surprise that anybody should be interested. For the record, it appears that there is not. She says her "best friends" are her managers, Nicky and Roma Ryan, a generation older and with whom she lived for several years when she was struggling to get established. She spends Christmases and other holidays with her family in Donegal. Ask her how she relaxes and she will tell you that she enjoys watching black-and-white films and walking (preferably alone), but doesn't take holidays.

Download Portrait mp3 (1:23, 128 kbps, 44 kHz) engineered by Nicky Ryan

Portrait picture
Portrait picture
We had hoped to meet Enya at her castle, but a fortnight earlier a stalker had broken in and subjected her to a shattering ordeal, tying up a maid while the reclusive singer hid in a locked room. She hit the panic button installed for just such moments and waited two terrifying hours for the police to arrive while her assailant prowled the corridors of her home. You borrow someone else's castle for the day. And so we meet at the nearby Killruddery House, a 17th-century pile built by the Meath family, replete with family portraits, vaulted ceilings, Italian statuary, an orangery and formal gardens in the French style, famed as the finest in Ireland. (The Times Magazine, Dec. 2005)
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