the 8th song of the album The Celts (1992), composed and performed by Enya.
This is based on the story of the Fairy King Midir and his love for the beautiful princess Etain. It is a story of great love, jealousy, secrets and endurance, in which Etain is banished and transformed into a pool of water, from which she emerges as a butterfly. Although immortal she is born a mortal child, one thousand and twelve years after her first birth.

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Fairytale picture
Fairytale picture
When Roma is not writing lyrics she writes poetry and has a substantial body of work which she calls her own and which is totally separate from the albums. "There have been talks surrounding publishing offers," she adds modestly, "so all in good time." We make our way through to what was once the entrance to the carriage and stable building but is now home to what Enya calls her "Winter Garden," a gracious room situated near the heart of the castle and completely bathed in light. Two of the four walls of this room are comprised of glass, housed in magnificently crafted, Victorian, wooden frames and they stretch from ceiling to floor. From the south facing window can be seen a fairytale courtyard complete with an original fountain Enya "found" while traveling in Europe and beyond that views to die for. Through the gap in the woodland, which is part of Enya's garden, Killiney Bay lies like a coruscating treasure, spread at the foot of the magnificent Wicklow Mountains. "I love to watch the sea," Enya tells me, "I was brought up close to the Atlantic Ocean in Donegal and it doesn't get much wilder than that. The sea inspires me." (World of Hibernia, Dec. 2000)
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