the 9th song of the album The Celts (1992), composed and performed by Enya.
Epona was revered as the Horse Goddess and is portrayed with birds as well as horses, with a bag or cornucopia. She is closely identified with Rhiannon. Her birds are reputed to lull the living to sleep and to awaken the dead. "It's not all roses," Nicky adds, "when the work gets going a totally different mood sets in. You have to strike the right balance between getting the work done and having a nice vibe going. That's when my back starts getting up and I start arguing. Jesus Enya, let's get some work done!"

Download Epona mp3 (1:36, 128 kbps, 44 kHz) engineered by Nicky Ryan

Epona picture
Epona picture
"A lot of people say 'Oh my God, the weather!' when they wake up. Bad weather doesn't bother me. In Donegal, where I grew up, it was often grey and cold from one end of the day to the other. Until I was 18, I had my hair long, down to my waist. One day I decided to cut it off. My hair is very fine and it suits me to have it layered in a soft fashion. Last year I grew it for a while. I didn't realise it at the time but it was making me unhappy. My hairdresser kept saying 'Bear with it', but in the end I couldn't, so she cut it short again. I remember being so happy that day; suddenly all my clothes made sense again. When I'm composing I'm very open, voicing some emotion deep within me - anger, happiness. So composing is a way of releasing my emotions. But in the studio I'm very different. I'm a typical Taurus - stubborn and demanding. If things aren't going well it destroys me, and that's difficult for Nicky and Roma." (The Sunday Times, 1992)
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