Deireadh an Tuath

the 5th song of the album The Celts (1992), composed and performed by Enya,
Read or download Deireadh an Tuath lyrics by Roma Ryan Gaeilge lyrics: 'Sí an ghealach, / mall san oíche. / 'Sí an ghrian. / Fán liom go Deo. / Hoireann is O Hi O Ho ra Ha. / 'Sí na Samhna, / tús na Bliain Ur. / 'Sí an crann marbh. / Deireadh an tuath. / Hoireann is O Ho O Ho ro Ho. / Hoireann is O Ho O Ho ro Ho.
English lyrics: It is the Moon, / late in the night. / It is the Sun. / Stay with me forever. / It is Halloween, / beginning of the New Year. / It's the dead tree. / End of the tribe

Download Deireadh an Tuath mp3 (1:43, 128 kbps, 44 kHz) engineered by Nicky Ryan

Deireadh an Tuath picture
Deireadh an Tuath picture
Opened earth, spirits, incantations that earth may once again be fertile and thus ensure the future of the celts. Samhain, the greatest Celtic Festival, marked the beginning of their New Year - the 31st October - which is now celebrated as Hallow'een or All Souls night.
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