Dan y Dwr

the 14th song of the album The Celts (1992), composed and performed by Enya
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Gaelic: Dan y dwr, tawelwch sydd. / Dan y dwr, galwaf i. / Nid yw'r swn gyda fi. / Dan y dwr, tawelwch am byth. / Dan y dwr, galwaf i. / Nid yw'r swn ddim fwy gyda fi.
English: Beneath the waters, there is silence. / Beneath the waters, I call you. / There is no company with me. / Beneath the waters, silent forever. / Beneath the waters, I call you. / The sound is no longer with me.

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Dan y Dwr picture
Dan y Dwr picture
Beneath the waters... the village Capel Celyn. This village in Wales was submerged, against much protest and struggle by its inhabitants, in order to accommodate a reservoir. This is a lament for the loss of Capel Celyn, memories now held beneath the water.

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