A red giant star, the thirteenth brightest in the night sky, located about 65 light years away in the zodiac constellation of Taurus, Aldebaran is the Eye of the bull. From the Arabic, Al Dabaran, it means 'the follower' as it "follows" the Pleiades. This piece portrays future Celts passing Aldebaran on their journey to new territories, continuing the migratory pattern which was so predominant in their early history.


Download Aldebaran mp3 (3:05, 128 kbps, 44 kHz), composed and performed by Enya, the 2nd song of the album The Celts (1992).

Aldebaran - a red giant star - picture
Aldebaran - a red giant star - picture
  Aldebaran in the constellation of Taurus map
Aldebaran in the constellation of Taurus map
Aldebaran lyrics by Roma Ryan
Gaeilge lyrics
Codladh fada, / Codladh domhain./ Éirigh! Amharc síos / Aldebaran.
Siúil liom tríd an réalta dearg.
Deireadh, deireadh an turas. / Réaltóg, réaltóg dearg.

  English lyrics
Long sleep, / Deep sleep. / Rise! Look down / Aldebaran.
Walk with me through the red star.
The end, end of the journey. / Star, red star.

Aldebaran myths
Inuit culture: In Inuit astronomy, Aldebaran is called "Spirit of a Polar Bear".
Mexican culture: For the Seris of northwestern Mexico, this star is providing light for the seven women giving birth (Pleiades). It has three different names: Hant Caalajc Ipápjö, Queeto, and Azoj Yeen oo Caap ("star that goes ahead"). The lunar month corresponding to October is called Queeto yaao "Aldebaran's path".
Native American culture: For the Dakotas (a branch of the Native American Sioux tribe), Aldebaran took on a heroic aspect. The young star was the child of the sun and the lady Blue Star. One day, he desired to hunt the white buffalo (the Pleiades). After he pulled up a sapling to make a spear, a hole was made in the ground and he could see all the people of Earth down below. The white buffalo took this chance to push him through. He was found by an old woman and was to be known as Old Woman's Grandson. On Earth, he killed many strange monsters that had been troubling the Native Americans; one monster of which was a serpent that caused drought. The young hero killed the serpent, releasing a great stream of water that became the Mississippi River. In time, Old Woman's Grandson remembered the white buffalo and returned to hunting him in the sky to fulfill his destiny.
The Vril Society was founded as "The All German Society for Metaphysics" in 1921 to explore the origins of the Aryan race. It was formed by a group of female psychic mediums led by the Thule Gesellschaft medium Marija Orsic (Maria Orshitsch) of Zagreb, who claimed to have received communication from Aryan aliens living on Alpha Tauri, in the Aldebaran system. Allegedly, these aliens had visited Earth and settled in Sumeria, and the word Vril was formed from the ancient Sumerian word "Vri-Il" ("like god"). A second medium was known only as Sigrun, a name etymologically related to Sigrune, a Valkyrie and one of Wotan's nine daughters in Norse legend.

"But then the split happened so I was left with the desk in the living-room on the floor. I didn't know what to do with it. I wasn't interested in bringing it on the road with any of the other bands I was working with. It was designed with recording in mind." As Nicky Ryan reminds me, "One of the tracks on the album, 'Aldebaran', was totally done in our studio, the reason being that it was totally impossible to complete the process in another studio." (Hot Press, Apr. 1987)
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