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You've Got Mail 2 Fox Books pictures and quotes

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A Fox Books Superstore George Pappas: A Fox Books Superstore. Kathleen Kelly: It has nothing to do with us. It's big impersonal overstocked and full of ignorant salespeople. George Pappas: But they discount.   Really it's a good development Kathleen Kelly: But they don't provide any service. We do. So, really it's a good development.   I wonder do I do it because I like it Kathleen Kelly: And sometimes I wonder do I do it because I like it or because I haven't been brave?   Never marry a man who lies Maureen, the Nanny: Never marry a man who lies. Joe Fox: That is so wise. Annabel, remember that.
The illustrations are hand tipped George Pappas: The illustrations are hand tipped. Joe Fox: And that's why it costs so much? George Pappas: That's why it's worth so much.   We are an American family Joe Fox: Matt is my father's son. Annabel is my grandfather's daughter. We are an American family.   When you read a book as a child Kathleen Kelly: When you read a book as a child, it becomes part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does. (Share this quotes with full scene movie lines)   The joy of rent control Christina Plutzker: Then I won't be able to pay my rent, and I'll have to move. George Pappas: To Brooklyn! The joy of rent control. Six rooms $450 a month.
Quotes from You've Got Mail film 2 You know how in the flower district there are all those shops so you can find whatever you want? This is going to be the book district. If they don't have it, we do. And vice versa. Absolutely. When you are finished with Fox Books The Shop Around The Corner will be responsible for reversing the entire course of the Industrial Revolution. Well, now, that is so sweet! Thank you. That is so sweet. Although I What? Wait a minute. What is that doing here? Oh, my gosh! This is amazing. Listen. The Olympia Report Deluxe Electric. Report. That sound is familiar. Listen to this. What, that whirring? The gentle, soothing lullaby of a piece of machinery so perfect I know where I've heard that before. I needed a backup. Don't you have another one at your apartment? I might! That you wrote a column about? Who cares? What were you going to say? When? Before. Nothing. Come on. I'm just wondering. I'm wondering about my work. What is it that I do, exactly? All I really do is All you really do is this incredibly noble thing. I don't know. Really, I'm just you are a lone reed. You are a lone reed standing tall waving boldly in the corrupt sands of commerce. I am a lone reed. Sometimes I wonder about my life. I lead a small life. Well, valuable, but small. So much of what I see reminds me of something in a book when shouldn't it be the other way around? I don't want an answer. I just want to send this cosmic question into the void. So good night, dear void. I know you! Hello, Annabel, little girl. How are you? And you! Matthew, how are you? Good. Ready to say hello to New Jersey? Hello, New Jersey! Don't I get a hello? Hello, Gillian. Kiss me. I'll be your wicked stepmother. There you go. Hello. And who is this? Nanny Maureen. In case you couldn't handle the kids. Maureen's getting a divorce. I'm sorry to hear that. It's my own fault. She taught Matt to spell his name. Really? Let's hear it. FOX. Excellent! I've got this covered. You can have the day off. And you must be late for something. Volunteering, rolling bandages for Bosnian refugees. I am. I'm having my eggs harvested. And getting those eggs harvested. Don't worry! See you later. Bye, Mom. All right, you guys, are you ready to go out on the boat? What happened to you? Come on, one more time. Here, you can do that one. What do we win? Look, look, look! How are the fish? Very well, very happy. Are they? You guys want to go to a movie? There's nothing good playing. Look! The storybook lady. Are we at the right time? Yeah, let's go. That it was I and I alone who had the idea for the great and daring mouse plot. We all have our moments of brilliance and glory and this was mine. 'Why don't we,' I said slip it into one of Mrs. Pratchett's jars of sweets? And then when she puts her hand in to grab a handful she will grab a stinky dead mouse instead. The other four stared at me in wonder. Then, as the sheer genius of the plot began to sink in they all started grinning. They slapped me on the back, cheered and danced around the classroom. We will do it today! they cried. We'll do it on the way home. You had the idea, they said to me. So you can be the one who puts the mouse in the jar. Who belongs to this fish? That's mine. Could you help me with these books? And this is her best friend Tacy, whose real name is Anastasia. And the next book, Betsy and Tacy become friends with Tib whose real name, I am sorry to tell you, is Thelma. I want all of them. I'll think about it. That's a lot for your dad to buy at one time. My dad gets me all the books I want. That's very nice of him. That's not my dad. That's my nephew. I don't really think that he could be your nephew. It's true. Annabel is my aunt. Isn't that right, Aunt Annabel? And Matt is his... Wait, let me guess. Are you his uncle? His grandfather? His great grandfather? I'm his brother! Here you go. What's that? That's a handkerchief. Do children not know what handkerchiefs are? A handkerchief is a Kleenex you don't throw away. See? My mother embroidered this. My initials and a daisy, because daisies are my favorite flower. May I ask who you are? Kathleen Kelly. I own this store. And you are? Just call me Joe. We'll take these. You're going to come back, aren't you? Of course. See? That is why we won't go under. Our customers are loyal... Enchanting. Your mother was enchanting. Yes, she was. How will you pay? Cash. How did you know that? From the photograph. That you in the photograph? What are you doing? Twirling. My mother and I used to twirl. She left the store to me, and I'll leave it to my daughter. $73, please. How much? 73 How old is your daughter now? I don't have a daughter. I'm not married. But eventually. So the big bad Fox Books can just go to hell. Here you go. Thank you. We're ready? This is nice. Goodbye, Annabel. Goodbye, Matt. Matt, I have to ask you another thing. Can you spell cat? FOX. Cat! Thanks. Good thing it wasn't the fish. Take care! No protests, no demonstrations. The neighborhood loves us. They're wondering where we've been all these years how they did without us. It's a hit! How's the children's department? It's early. School's not out. And there is that children's store nearby. Cecilia's store. Cecilia Kelly. We might have had a date once. Her daughter owns it now. We'll crush it! She was enchanting. They've been open 6 days. And we did $1200 less than the same week last year. That could be a fluke, right? Or not. Their store is new. It's a novelty. It'll all shake out. Meanwhile, I'll put up more lights. That's a fine idea. What if we have to fold? I'll never find another part time job. You've told us a million times. I can't believe you're bringing this up at a time like this. It's like those people who brag because they're tall. We are not going to fold. This place is a tomb. I'm going to the nut shop, where it's fun.