You've Got Mail quote - Was the nanny

with Tom Hanks as Joe Fox, Dabney Coleman as Nelson Fox, and his quote snapshot picture
Joe Fox: Dad, you did pretty well. At least you didn't marry her.
Nelson Fox: Welcome aboard.
Joe Fox: It lasted a while.
You've Got Mail - Was the nanny - snapshot picture quote Nelson Fox: You know I've stayed on this boat after... Let's see your mother. Laurette, the ballet dancer.
Joe Fox: My nanny.
Nelson Fox: She was the nanny?
Joe Fox: Yea!
Nelson Fox: I forgot that. How ironic! Then there was the ice skater.
Joe Fox: Also my nanny.
Nelson Fox: Really? That's amazingly ironic! And then there was Sybil. It's an A word.
Joe Fox: Astrologer.
Nelson Fox: Exactly.
Joe Fox: Whose moon turned out to be in someone else's house.
Nelson Fox: Just like Gillian.
Joe Fox: Gillian ran off with someone?
Nelson Fox: The nanny.
Joe Fox: Nanny Maureen?
Nelson Fox: Yes.
Joe Fox: Gillian ran off with Nanny Maureen. You got it!
Joe Fox: It's incredibly ironic.
Nelson Fox: That's true.
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