You've Got Mail quote - He stood you up

with Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly, Heather Burns as Christina Plutzker, Steve Zahn as George Pappas, and his quote snapshot picture
You've Got Mail - He stood you up - snapshot picture quote Christina Plutzker: So? What happened?
Kathleen Kelly: He never came.
Christina Plutzker: He stood you up.
Kathleen Kelly: I wouldn't characterize it that way. I think omething happened. Something unexpected that made it impossible for him to What if he showed up, took one look at me and left?
Christina Plutzker: Not possible.
Kathleen Kelly: Maybe there was a subway accident.
Christina Plutzker: Absolutely!
Kathleen Kelly: A train got trapped underground with him inside.
Christina Plutzker: And no phone.
Kathleen Kelly: And you know how those express trains create suction.
Christina Plutzker: He got sucked onto the tracks.
Kathleen Kelly: The third rail.
Christina Plutzker: He's toast!
George Pappas: What happened?
Kathleen Kelly: He was unable to make it.
George Pappas: He stood you up?
Kathleen Kelly: Maybe he had a car accident. Those cab drivers are maniacs.
Christina Plutzker: They hit something and you slam into that plastic partition.
Kathleen Kelly: Or his elbows could be in splints, so he couldn't dial.
Christina Plutzker: Or he could be unconscious.
Kathleen Kelly: In a coma.
Christina Plutzker: Stuck in intensive care.
Kathleen Kelly: With a heart monitor beeping.
Christina Plutzker: And like...
Kathleen Kelly and Christina Plutzker: No phone.
Kathleen Kelly: What? What are you saying?
George Pappas: It could be. He was arrested near the cafe.
Christina Plutzker: Is there a picture? That explains it.
George Pappas: He was in jail.
Christina Plutzker: And there was a phone.
George Pappas: He only got one call, so he called his lawyer.
Christina Plutzker: You are so lucky!
George Pappas: You could be dead.
Kathleen Kelly: He couldn't possibly be the rooftopkiller.
Christina Plutzker: Remember when you thought Frank might be the Unabomber?
Kathleen Kelly: That was different.
Christina Plutzker: How long did you sit there alone?
Kathleen Kelly: Not long. Joe Fox came in.
Christina Plutzker: Joe Fox?
Kathleen Kelly: I don't want to talk about it. Let's get to work. There's got to be something to do.
George Pappas: Look at this.
Christina Plutzker: He looks kind of cute.
Birdie Conrad: So?
George Pappas: He was unavoidably detained.
Birdie Conrad: He stood you up?
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