You've Got Mail quote - In the book business

with Tom Hanks as Joe Fox, Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly, Greg Kinnear as Frank Navasky, and his quote snapshot picture
You've Got Mail - In the book business - snapshot picture quote Joe Fox: Look, the reason I came into your store is that I was spending the day with Annabelle and Matt. I like to buy them a present when I see them because I'm one of those guys who likes to buy his way into the hearts of children who are his relatives. There was only one place to buy children's books in the neighborhood although that will not always be the case, and it was yours, and it is a charming little bookstore. You probably sell $350,000 worth of books in a year.
Kathleen Kelly: How do you know that?
Joe Fox: I'm in the book business.
Kathleen Kelly: I am in the book business.
Joe Fox: I see, and we're the Price Club. Only instead of a ten-gallon can of olive oil for $3.99 that won't even fit into your kitchen cabinet, we're selling cheap books. Me a spy. Absolutely. I have in my possession the secret printout of the sales figures of a bookstore so inconsequential and yet full of its own virtue that I was instantly compelled to rush over and check it out for fear it would drive me out of business. What?
Frank Navasky: Hi. I'm Frank Navasky.
Joe Fox: Joe Fox.
Frank Navasky: The inventor of the superstore. The enemy of the middle's novel. The destroyer of City Books...
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