You've Got Mail quote - Happy Thanksgiving back

with Tom Hanks as Joe Fox, Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly, and his quote snapshot picture
You've Got Mail - Happy Thanksgiving back - snapshot picture quote
[The place is mobbed, the usual crush the night before Thanksgiving. Kathleen, pushing a shopping cart. She sees Joe walk into the store. Quickly, she turns her back so he can't see her. At that moment, Joe comes from the Appetizing Department and gets on the line she was heading for. Panicked, Kathleen retreats onto another line and stands with her back to him.]
Cashier: This is a Cash Only line.
Kathleen Kelly: What?
Cashier: Cash Only.
Kathleen Kelly: Omigod, I only have a credit card. Is that okay?
Person in line: No, it's not okay. There's a sign.
Kathleen Kelly: I'm very sorry. I'm asking you to make an exception in this one case.
Another person: You have no cash?
Person in line: She has no cash.
Another person: Get on another line, lady.
Kathleen Kelly: I have a dollar. That's all. I have a dollar. One dollar.
Joe Fox: Hello!
Kathleen Kelly: Hello.
Joe Fox: Hi! Need some money?
Kathleen Kelly: No, I do not need any money. Thank you very much.
Cashier: Get in another line.
Joe Fox: Hi! Rose. That is a great name. Rose. This is Kathleen. I'm Joe...
Person in line: And I'm Henry.
Joe Fox: Henry, how are you? Happy holidays. This is a credit card machine. Happy Thanksgiving! It's your turn to say Happy Thanksgiving back.
Cashier: Happy Thanksgiving back.
Joe Fox: Knock, knock.
Cashier: Who's there?
Joe Fox: Orange.
Cashier: Orange who?
Joe Fox: Orange you going to give us a break by zipping this credit card through the credit card machine? You can do it. Zip, zip. There you go. Rose? That is a great name. So you're fine.
Kathleen Kelly: Fine.
Joe Fox: Happy Thanksgiving. Henry, happy Thanksgiving.
Kathleen Kelly: I'm so sorry. From the bottom of my heart.
Person in line: So sign already!
Kathleen Kelly: I'd like to get home.
Cashier: You have my pen.
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