You've Got Mail quote - When you read a book as a child

with Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly, Tom Hanks as Joe Fox and his quote snapshot picture
You've Got Mail - When you read a book as a child - snapshot picture quote Kathleen Kelly: They're opening a Fox Books around the corner. Fox Books!
Annabelle: My daddy...
Joe Fox: Likes to buy discount. Don't tell! It's nothing to be proud of.
Matt: F-O-X.
Kathleen Kelly: That's amazing! You can spell fox. Can you spell dog?
Matt: F-O-X.
Joe Fox: Look at this pop-up dinosaur book. Wouldn't you like to have a dinosaur book like that? Wouldn't you like to read that? Sit here and read Matt the book until I take care of things. Whatever you do, just don't listen to anything I say. Thank you. We'll take that pop-up book as well.
Kathleen Kelly: The world is not driven by discounts. I've been in business forever. I started helping my mother when I was six, and I watched her. She wasn't just selling books. She was helping people become what they were going to be. When you read a book as a child, it becomes part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does. And I have gotten carried away.
Joe Fox: Yeah, you have. You've made me feel...
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