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By New Year's Day, Titanic had made over $120 million, had increased in popularity and theaters continued to sell out. Its biggest single day took place on Saturday, February 14 (Valentine's Day), 1998, making $13,048,711, more than six weeks after it debuted in North America. It stayed at number one for fifteen consecutive weeks in the United States and Canada, which remains a record for any film. The film stayed in theaters in North America for almost ten months, before finally closing on Thursday, October 1, 1998 with a final domestic gross of $600,788,188. Box Office Mojo estimates that after adjusting for ticket price inflation, Titanic would be the sixth highest-grossing film of all time in the United States and Canada. The film made double its domestic amount overseas, generating an international gross of $1,248,025,607 and accumulating a grand total of $1,843,201,268 worldwide. It became the highest-grossing film in history, and remained so for twelve years, until Avatar, also written and directed by Cameron, surpassed it in 2010.
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That's enough practice Jack Dawson: Wait. Try a couple of practice swings over there. Good. That's enough practice. Come on, Rose. You can do it. Listen, just hit it really hard and really fast. Come on. Wait. Open your hands up a little more.   They were tested in Belfast with the weight of 70 men Thomas Andrews: Mr. Lightoller, why are the boats being launched half-full? Twenty or so in a boat built for 65? And I saw one boat with only twelve. Officer Lightoller: We weren't sure of the weight, Mr. Andrews. These boats may buckle. Andrews: Rubbish! They were tested in Belfast with the weight of 70 men.
Let us up, so we can have a chance! Lock the gates! For God's sake, man, there are women and children down here! Let us up, so we can have a chance!   I make my own luck. So do I. Caledon Hockley: I make my own luck. Spicer Lovejoy: So do I.
We've got to get out Fabrizio: The boats are all gone. Jack: This whole place is flooding. We've got to get out. Fabrizio: There is niente this way. Jack: All right. Let's go this way, all right? Come on.   Come on, let's play. Keep us warm. Orpheus. What's the use? Nobody's listening to us anyway. They don't listen to us at dinner, either. Come on, let's play. Keep us warm. Orpheus. Tommy Ryan: Music to drown by. Now I know I'm in first class.
I got my own boat to catch Rose DeWitt Bukater: I'm not going without you. Caledon Hockley: I have an arrangement with an officer on the other side of the ship. Jack and I can get off safely. Both of us. Jack Dawson: See? I got my own boat to catch.   I couldn't go, Jack Jack Dawson: Why did you do that? You're so stupid, Rose. Rose: You jump, I jump, right? Right. Jack Dawson: Oh, God. Rose: I couldn't go, Jack.
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Jack! Rose! Will this work? I guess we'll find out. Come on. Listen, Rose, I trust you. Go. You did it! Come on, let's go. Oh, shit, this is cold! This is the way out. We have to find another way. Come on. Molly Brown: Now there's something you don't see every day. What's this luggage doing here? Get rid of it. We need the room. Get rid of that! Out! Come. Time for her to go, sir. Step back. Keep calm. Sit down. No. No! Make more room. That's right. Look sharp. Lovejoy. She's not on the starboard side, either. We're running out of time. This strutting martinet isn't letting any men on at all. There's one on the other side letting men on. Then that's our play. We'll need some insurance first. Come on, this way, please. All the way down there. Here! What do you think you're doing? You'll have to pay for that, you know. That's White Star Line property. Shut up! Will you hold the boat a moment? I just have to run back to my room Sit down. She's the last. Now fill these boats, Mr. Lightoller. For God's sake, man! Please, I need more women and children! Get back in there! This is not an exit. Get back in there. You can't keep us locked in here like animals. The ship's bloody sinking. Bring forward the women. Unlock the gates. Women only! Get back! Jack. Tommy. Can we get out? It's hopeless that way. Whatever we do, we've got to do it fast. Jack! Fabrizio. Come on! No, come on, let's go this way. This way. Just go back to the main stairwell and everything will be sorted out there. The hell it will. It will all get sorted out back there. Go back to the main stairwell. Open the gate. Go back down the main stairwell. Open the gate right now. Go back down the main stairwell like I told you! God damn it! Son of a bitch! Stop that! Open the damn gate! Fabri, Tommy, give me hand here. Move aside. Move aside! Pull! Pull! Move aside. Put that down! Move aside! Put that down! One! Two! Stop that! Three! Again! Let's go! Let's go, Rose. You can't go up there! You can't do this! Keep order here! Get back. Get back! Hold on to her! Pull her in. Get back, I say or I'll shoot you all like dogs! Keep order here! Keep order, I say. Mr. Lowe, man this boat. Right. Is everybody all right? Nobody panic. Stay back! We're too late. There are more boats down the front. Stay with this one. Murdoch. He seems to be quite practical. Stop lowering! Stop lowering! Cut the falls! Sit down! Stay back, you lot! Just stay back! Stay back, the lot of you! Just stay back! It's starting to fall apart. We don't have much time. Come on, Rose. The boats are gone! Colonel, are there any boats on that side? No, miss, but there are a couple of boats all the way forward. This way, I'll lead you. Where is everyone? They're all still aft, sir. Come on, madam, don't cry. We have an understanding, then, Mr. Murdoch. Will the men please hold back? Hold back, I say! Women and children only! Get back! I said, step back, sir. Come through, madam. This way. Step back, sir! Let the women. You better check the other side. Go! I found her, on the other side. Waiting for a boat with him. Any more women and children? They're all aboard, Mr. Murdoch. Anyone else then? Hop on, sir. Anyone else? Do hurry. Hurry along. Stand by the falls. God damn it all to hell. Sir, you can't go through. That's it. Splendid. Right. Prepare to lower! Ready on the left! Take them down. Keep it steady. Both sides together. Steady. Keep it steady. Give her to me. Daddy. It'll be fine, darling. Don't you worry. Take her. Daddy, get in the boat. It's goodbye for a little while. Only for a little while. There'll be another boat for the daddies this boat's for the mommies and the children. You hold Mommy's hand and be a good little girl. You have to go, now. No, Jack. Get in the boat, Rose. No, Jack. Yes. Get on the boat. Yes, get on the boat, Rose. My God. Look at you. You look a fright. Here. Put this on. Come on. Go on. I'll get the next one. No, not without you. I'll be all right. Listen, I'll be fine. I'm a survivor, all right? Don't worry about me. Now, go on. Get on. Go. Come on, hurry. They're almost full. Step aboard, miss. Go. Come on, hurry. Step aboard, please. You're Daddy's good girl. Step lively! Keep back. Keep back, I say. Clear the rail, please. Lower away! Steady. And lower away evenly, lads. Easy. Lower away. You're a good liar. Almost as good as you. Easy, now. And lower away. There's no arrangement, is there? No, there is. Not that you'll benefit much from it. And even away. I always win, Jack. And lower away evenly, lads. One way or another. Watch that trim. Trim that boat. Easy. Even, lads. Keep going! Rose! Stop her! Rose! What are you doing? Stop her! No! Rose! It's all right. We'll think of something. At least I'm with you.