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Titanic 10 trivia where I didn't build you a stronger ship, young Rose

When Jack sneaks onto the first-class deck in search of Rose, we see a young boy playing with a top as his father looks on. The father is played by Titanic historian and author Don Lynch, of the Titanic Historical Society, who served as a consultant on the film. The scene is based on a famous photograph taken aboard Titanic during the second leg of the voyage, between Cherbourg and Queenstown.

James Cameron observed that once "God's 10,000,000 kW light" had risen they would have to wait until the next night, and suggested sinking the set, letting the air space between the two decks fill with water, then raising the set again and quickly sinking it before the water ran out. This worked.

The completed film ignores the freighter Californian, which had stopped for the night due to the ice hazard and was within sight of the Titanic throughout the sinking.

The detached stern section of the full-size set was moved onto a separate tilting platform which would allow it to be rapidly turned vertical for the final phase of sinking. There were 10 takes, each requiring 100 stunt players to fall from or along the set while 1000 extras were attached to the railings by safety harnesses.

The rooms that Caledon Hockley, Rose DeWitt Bukater and Ruth DeWitt Bukater occupied (B52, B54 and B56) were actual rooms on the real Titanic. They were originally booked by J.P. Morgan, but he canceled before the ship sailed.
Pictures from film part 10
I put the diamond in the coat Caledon Hockley: I hope you enjoy your time together! Spicer Lovejoy: What could possibly be funny? Caledon Hockley: I put the diamond in the coat. And I put the coat on her!   We can't leave him Jack Dawson: Come on. Rose DeWitt Bukater: We can't leave him. Jack Dawson: All right, come on! Go back! That's the wrong way! Come back! Run, Rose! Rose DeWitt Bukater: Jack!
Sir, open the gate, please! Jack Dawson: Sir, open the gate, please! Rose DeWitt Bukater: Please, help us! Steward: I'm sorry, I dropped the keys. Rose DeWitt Bukater: Don't leave! Jack Dawson: Please, send for help!   Will you give us a chance to live Officer Murdoch: Stay back! Tommy Ryan: Will you give us a chance to live, you limey bastard?
We had a deal Caledon Hockley: We had a deal! Officer Murdoch: Your money can't save you anymore than it can save me.   I have a child Cal: I have a child! Clear a path! Please, I have a child. Cal: Please, I'm all she has in the world. Go on. Step back! Please! Here. Cal: Give her to me.
We are dressed in our best and are prepared to go down as gentlemen Mr. Guggenheim? These are for you. No, thank you. We are dressed in our best and are prepared to go down as gentlemen. But we would like a brandy.   Capitan, where should I go? Capitan, where should I go?
Quotes from Titanic 10
This way! Come on! Give me your hand! Help! Wait, sir! I got it! Which one is it, Rose? Try the short one. Hurry, Jack. No, it won't go in. It's stuck! I got it! Get those oars in place. Get an oar under it. Women and children only! Hold it! Get these davits cranked in! Let's get the falls hooked up! Stay back, I say. Keep going up! Stop pushing! Get back! Women and children only! Stop pushing! No, Tommy! No, Will! Now stand back, damn you! Gently, hold it. There, there. Wait! Mr. Andrews. Oh, Rose. Won't you even make a try for it? I'm sorry that I didn't build you a stronger ship, young Rose. It's going fast. We have to move. Wait. Good luck to you, Rose. And to you. Get the falls over here! Make them taut. Then we'll right it! Please. Captain. Sir. Right. That's it, then. Goodbye, Wally, good luck. Goodbye, Wallace. So long, old chap. And so they lived happily together for 300 years in the land of Tir na nOg land of eternal youth and beauty. There's no time! Cut the falls! Cut them if you have to! I need a knife! Cut the falls now! Cut them loose! Cut those bloody falls! Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight. We have to stay on the ship as long as possible. Come on. This way. Hold the rail. Jump! I've got you, miss.