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The Thorn Birds movie 3 | I'm never gonna love one of my children more than the others

Quotes from film part 3

Hello, Meggie. I've been looking for you. What's wrong? Nothing. I never get to do anything. The boys got to ride all the way out to the far paddock with Pete. They won't even let me on a horse. Maybe your mom doesn't think it's safe for you. She doesn't even know I'm alive. She doesn't care about anyone except Frank. But I'll tell you one thing, Father. When I'm grown up, I'm never gonna love one of my children more than the others. Here, let me help you. What are you doing, anyway? Cleaning out this drain so we can get water to the sheep. You really ought to be in a school. Wouldn't you like that? Yes. But they need me to help. Anyway, I guess I don't need school just to live here on Drogheda. But you do. When your family inherits Drogheda, you'll be a proper young lady. You need to be prepared for that. Who knows. You might not even want to spend your life here. Because big as Drogheda is, it's only a tiny corner of the world. There's so much else out there so many other lives you might choose so many opportunities for you. Do you ever wish that you could go out and see the world? I'm a priest, wee Meggie. I must go where the Church sends me. Let's see if this works. We did it. Come on. I'll take you back to the house. There are some things I want to talk to your Aunt Mary about. I sometimes wonder that we trouble building and mending fences. The rabbits tunnel under them the kangas jump over them, the wild pigs charge right through them. Look at this hellish wasteland. A man would wonder anything could live. It's not like home. Home was just as green as anything. You'll see a bit of green when the rains come if they come. No, it's sheep that have turned this land into desert and man. I'd say that rabbit's as safe as houses at this rate. This is life. Good God, boy! I'll tell you what life is. Life is what you just poured into the ground. Sorry, Pete. You'll learn. You must know, no matter how much you love the outback she'll find a dozen ways to kill you before sundown. What is it, boy? What are you smelling now? What is that thing? Jack, hold that dog. It's a wild pig, a boar. Let's get him. No. Stuart, get down from there! I want to shoot at him. No. He's too far away. If you shoot at a wild boar, believe me, you'd better kill him or he'll kill you. Damn! Come on, lads. But Stuie, no! Thanks, twerp. What's my best girl been up to today? It was so nice, Frank. Father Ralph came to see me. Meggie, he came to see everyone. Set the table. Yes, Mom. Here, Mom, let me. It's all right, son. You know how Daddy feels about you boys doing women's work. I want you to get along with Paddy a little better. Hello, Paddy. Boys not with you? They're out with Pete. Should've been in by now. That smells good, Mother. Frank, I'm about finished classing the ewes. Tomorrow you're to start for the far paddocks and begin mustering the rams for breeding. All right. If you think I can handle it. I don't know if you can handle it or not. But the man you were skincracking to fight today has quit! So you can do his work for him. Best put him up plenty. Tuck her in a good bedroll, he'll be out a while. Never mind, Mom, I'll do it. You've got enough to do already. What's that supposed to mean? Look at her. She's so tired, now she can't even see straight. You may think you can treat us like slaves, but not her! She's not some ignorant clodhopping yokel. Like me? Go on, say it. Your mother might as well see how much respect you've got for me. I'm sorry, Daddy. Daddy, wait till you hear Stuie shot a boar! A boar? He was huge, the ugliest devil you ever saw. He killed the dog. Stuie just stepped up as nice as you please and Bob, let Stuie tell it. I can't believe it. We were farmers, you know, back in Galway. One day, my dad told me to fetch a breeding bull from the next farm up. We were too poor to have one of our own. I tried, but that old bull was a killer. I had to come back without him. My dad called me a good-for-nothing coward. He said he'd show me how to fetch a bull. I felt so bad, I sat down and cried. After a while, I looked up and here come my dad down the lane. He had a rope in his hand all right, but there was no bull at the end of it. He just walked right on by me. Never said a word at all. But he never called me a coward again after that. For thy bounty which we are about to receive for the beauty of earth and sky and for the blessings of the children thou hast given us, Lord let us be truly grateful. Amen. You're a beautiful woman, Fee. Paddy, I Mary thought I might be more comfortable in lighter clothes. You told her about the baby, then? No. Isn't Stuie something, though? Whatever you said to him made him so happy. Well, that's one, anyway. I'm sorry I lost my temper again with Frank. No, he was very wrong. There's just something about him I don't understand. Something wild. But what he said about how hard you have to work it's true. I know this is still not the life you should have, but someday. Don't talk someday, Paddy. You've given me as much as any woman could possibly hope for. What are we going to name this baby, anyway? It smells like eggs again. It's the brimstone. Father Ralph says hell must be like this. Twerp. What are you doing out of bed? You shouldn't be. You'll be leaving early in the morning. It's too hot to sleep. What is it? You've been moping around all week. I don't want to go away to school and leave you. Silly goose. Gillanbone's only 40 miles away. Father Ralph will be there. Yes, that's so. I'll miss you. And Mom really needs me here to help. Sit up for a minute and listen to me. They always preached to us to work together for the good of us all. How we must never think of ourselves first. You've got to think of yourself because they never will. Yes, they do. It was Daddy who said I could go to school. Because Father Ralph insisted. He fixed it so Aunt Mary would pay for you, the tight-fisted old witch. I want you to go do you hear? I want you to go. Run along, boys.
It's sheep that have turned this land into desert
sheep that have turned this land into desert
If you shoot at a wild boar
If you shoot at a wild boar
Thorn Birds 3 Never gonna love one of my children more than the others
Thorn Birds 3 Never gonna love one of my children more than others
You've got to think of yourself because they never will
You've got to think of yourself