Gone With The Wind quote - This is a jail, not a harem

Quote from Gone With The Wind with Clark Gable as Rhett Butler, Robert Elliott as Yankee Major, Irving Bacon as Yankee Corporal, and his quote snapshot picture
Gone With The Wind - This is a jail, not a harem - snapshot picture quote Yankee Major quote: Kings and treys? Rhett Butler: Too good for me, Major! Pity we couldn't have fought the war out in a poker game. You'd have done better than Gen. Grant with far less effort. Yankee Major: What is it, Corporal? Yankee Corporal quote: Sir, there's a lady to see Capt. Butler. Says she's his sister. Yankee Major: Another sister? This is a jail, not a harem, Capt. Butler. Yankee Corporal: No, Major, she ain't one of those. This one's got her mammy with her. Rhett Butler quote: She has? I'd like to see this one, Major, without her mammy. Let's see, my losses for the afternoon come to what, $340? My debts do mount up, don't they, Major? Yankee Major: All right, Corporal. Show Capt. Butler's sister to his cell. Rhett Butler: Thank you, Major. Excuse me, gentlemen. Yankee Major: It's hard to be strict with a man who loses money so pleasantly. >>> more quotes from Gone With The Wind