Rick's Cafe American in Casablanca

was one of the few original sets built for the film, the rest were all recycled from other Warner Brothers productions due to wartime restrictions on building
Rick's cafe Americain in Casablanca picture supplies; the script was based on the unproduced play "Everybody Comes to Rick's"; Samuel Marx of MGM wanted to offer authors (Murray Burnett and Joan Alison) $5,000 for it, but MGM boss Louis B. Mayer refused; Irene Lee of the Warner Brothers story department praised it to Jack L Warner, who agreed to buy it for $20,000. The title was changed from "Everybody Comes to Rick's" to Casablanca (1942) partly due to the success of the similarly titled Algiers (1938). Julius Epstein and Philip Epstein finished their screenplay three days before the film began shooting; Howard Koch completed his two weeks after shooting had begun. All three were on call throughout the entire shooting period even though the Epsteins had been summoned to Washington to work on Frank Capra's "Why We Fight" documentary series. >>> more trivia about Casablanca